International Organ Donation Day: A mother bears witness in a book to overcome the taboo and fear surrounding this act of generosity

International Organ Donation Day: A mother bears witness in a book to overcome the taboo and fear surrounding this act of generosity

She lost her daughter 4 years ago. Florence Boutet chose to donate organs. In the book Testimony, she tells her story and her need to continue writing to break the taboos and fear families would encounter. A statement on the occasion of the International Day of Reflection on Organ Donation.

Alice was 16 years old when she had a very serious accident in 2018. Her parents chose to donate her organs to save other lives. Mother Florence Boutet tells this story in a book published by City Publishing. She will participate in a conference on organ donation on Wednesday in Rodez.

This day in 2018 could have been like any other day for the Pute family. But chance decided otherwise. At the age of 16, Alice is training to become a groom. It’s the accident, she receives a violent blow from a horse’s hoof and falls into a coma. At the hospital where she is being taken, doctors believe her vital diagnosis is working. A shock to the parents.

“From that moment on, my husband and I wondered what we would do if we were told that Alice was in a state of brain death” Florence Boett tells us. “We were ready to donate his organs, if that could save other lives. The decision was made very quickly while he was still alive and we didn’t get back to him.”

5 days later, Alice died. Six of his organs are removed: the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas.

“In hindsight, I think at that time it was easier for me to think about other people’s lives than the death of my child,” Witness to Florence Poetei. “For me it was a way of continuing to allow it to live in someone else’s body.”

Today, any human being who dies is a potential donor by default, unless they are registered with the National Refusal Registry. When death occurs, many families find themselves faced with a brutal question of organ donation, and they are the ones who must take responsibility for that decision. The results in 30% of cases are opposed by relatives.

“If the question has not been addressed before, it is very complicated to make that choice in an emergency and in shock due to death” Florence Boett tells us. “That’s why it was important to me to testify to encourage families to talk about it when all is well and with a clear mind.”

To share her experience, Florence Petit set out to write Le don d’Alice, released a year after her death.

“Organ donation doesn’t change the fact that you have to mourn”Explains Florence Boett. “For Alice, I found 6 recipient organs. I don’t want to know who they are but I know they are alive and I believe my daughter’s death was not in vain. I think if the question was asked beforehand in our lives we could overcome the taboo and fear surrounding organ donation.

Since the release of their book, the Pute family has met many donor families. Good and positive moments where they found themselves in her journey. Some, even opposed to organ donation, changed their minds after reading his book.

“Many have understood that they should not leave to others the weight of a decision that is often difficult to bear.” says Florence Boett.

This story, Florence Boett also wanted as a way to turn the page without forgetting her daughter: Our second daughter is 6 years younger than Alice. What will you remember when you grow up? This story is our family’s story. And we do not want to forget Alice, although today our life begins anew.”

Her strength, Florence Pote, has made her serve the cause of organ donation for 3 years. She regularly participates in conferences along with doctors to send a message to families: Talk about it first.

Marking the International Day of Reflection on Organ Donation, on Wednesday, June 22nd, she will be at a conference in the Rhodes Departments Archives to continue her struggle.

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