10 Women's Books Every Man Should Read

10 Women’s Books Every Man Should Read

The campaign is inspired by the statistical research presented in the book power gap Written by Mary Ann Siegart, dedicated to the general lack of attention society places on women compared to men. This data revealed that while women read as many novels written by men as women, men would rarely read a work of fiction if it was written by a woman.

Siegart, who chairs the jury for this year’s Women’s Literature Prize, found that of the 10 best-selling authors of novels, including Jane Austen, Margaret Atwood, Danielle Steel, and Jojo Moyes, only 19% of readers are male. Based on data from Nielsen Book Data.

By comparison, if we look at readers from the 10 best-selling male authors, including Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lee Child and Stephen King, the distribution is more balanced: 55% of males versus 45% of women, remember the Women’s Award. for imagination.

Therefore, the Women’s Award asked former jurors, writers and male celebrities, including Salman Rushdie, Andrew Marr and Richard Curtis, to be runners-up by submitting their recommendations for novels written by women. This list was then put to a vote to create the top 10 recommended books for men, signed by female authors.

After more than 20,000 votes between May 29 and June 6, the miserable novel has finally become The Scarlet Maid Who topped the ranking, followed by Did not take a mockingbird by Harper Lee (translated by Isabel Stozanov, in the pocket book) and girl, woman, other By Bernardine Evaristo (translated by Françoise Adelstein in Phuket). After the first three, we find Violet by Alice Walker (via Mimi Perrin by Robert Lafont), Achilles song by Madeline Miller (translated by Kristen O’Shea in Phuket) and The other half of the sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (trans. Mona de Pracontal at Gallimard).

come then goldfinch By Donna Tartt (Translated by Edith Sonkendt in Phuket), Frankenstein By Mary Shelley (Translated by George Cuvier in Phuket), eyes in trees by Barbara Kingslover (translation by Guillemette Belleteste published by Rivages) and finally The other half of yourself Written by Brett Bennett (Trans Karen Lallicher in Jay Law) who closes this arrangement.

Said Atwood to be ” Honoring of this victory. After this ad she added: There were no women’s prizes for the novel at the time it was written The Scarlet Maidbut it was as true then as now that many male readers stayed away from books written by women (except for thrillers and fantasy, with witches) and might also have felt excluded from this part of literature. »

« It was only natural for men to say to me: My wife loves your books., a double-edged compliment. But The Scarlet Maid Not men versus women. It is holistic – it is not a paradise for all human beings, any more than any holistic. »

« All totalitarian regimes control women, especially in matters of procreation. Take, for example, current events in the United States: the state’s claim to women’s bodies will affect men as well. »

The results of the campaign come five days before the announcement of the winner of the Women’s Prize for Literature at a ceremony in London. Now in its 27th year, the prestigious award is open to novels written in English by women around the world.

Image credits: Margaret Atwood, ActuaLitté, CC BY SA 2.0

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