The bestselling book to better understand priests

The bestselling book to better understand priests

Articles, novels, biographies … Find the bestseller’s order from June 10-16 at La Procure booksellers. A selection of inspirational readings from books published over the past four months.

1Science test God?

CV : Francois Yoffe, Etienne Klein, Salvatore, May 2022. According to François Effie, we must first ask ourselves which deity we are talking about. More broadly, we must question the principles underlying modern science and its philosophical and theological assumptions. Without succumbing to the temptation to conform, faith and science can dialogue and give us access to a truth that neither advocates scientific materialism nor theistic irrationality. If science can purify religion of superstition, on the contrary, religion can help science cleanse itself of false absolutes. Look for it in libraries.

2Lion of Alexandria


CV : Written by Jean-Philippe Fabre, Serv, March 2022. Who is this man before whom Johanan a boy fled from Jerusalem one evening in the Kidron Valley? Why did it take thirty years of relentless flight for Johanan, who received the Roman name for Mark, to understand this mystery? How, when he arrived in Rome, wrote the life of this mysterious man and wrote the first of the Four Gospels? Where could Mark return if not to the city of his heart, the wonderful Alexandria, where, with his zeal and courage, he would forever remain the evangelist of the Lion? Look for it in libraries.

3They changed the world: 20 photos of schools, artists, and philanthropists

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CV : Baudouin de Gilbon, MAME, April 2022. They were painters, architects, musicians, astronomers, physicians, and botanists. You know some of them, some you don’t. They were kings, slaves, priests, pious or simple believers, born into very rich or very poor families. They were men or women separated by almost everything except the desire to love God and others with all their hearts. They left a dazzling job that makes your life more beautiful. Discover these extraordinary characters and all they did for you while learning many interesting things about the times they lived in. Look for it in libraries.

4CLAIRE DE CASTELBAJAC: Tell us who you believe in!



CV : Benedict Dellis, Eric Boyarette, MAME, May 2022. “I am amazed at how much God loves and I admire him because he has given me so many blessings in exchange for nothing. I would like to give happiness to everyone I am close to and to sow joy. Love and happiness of all, that must be the joy of the children of God …” tells the life of Claire de Castelbajac Like a musical story. A CD containing the full story and five unreleased songs, composed of the spiritual texts of this young girl who felt “the happiest of her generation”. Look for it in libraries.

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5Miku and the Seven Secrets of the Bible


CV : Gaëlle Tertrais, Albert Carreres, Mami, April 2022. Miko’s grandfather died, but he left him a treasure: an annotated gospel whose pages will lead the boy on a hunt for a real treasure. Secret messages and symbols, amazing encounters will allow Miko to discover the joy of believing in God and the meaning of eternal life. The great success of this manga has been revisited but is very loyal to the codes of the genre. From the age of 8. Look for it in bookstores.

6The Strange Joy: Being a Priest Today



CV : François Boutiz, MAMMY, May 2022. With these letters to one of his spiritual sons, who has become a friend, Father Botiz shares the fruits of years of exchanges and reflection on the mission of a priest. He offers a profoundly human portrait of what a priest is today, but he nevertheless forgets nothing of the demands and difficulties of his vocation. In these difficult times for the Church, when priests have become doubtful to many, Father Botiz brings a word of hope to these ordinary men with an extraordinary mission, but also to their families, their parish communities, and all believers. Illuminated text that one submits or presents to oneself. Look for it in libraries.


7Towards an implosion? An interview about the present and future of Catholicism


CV : Daniel Hervio Leger, Jean-Louis Schlegel, Swell, May 2022. This series of interviews between Daniel Hervio Leger and Jean-Louis Schlegel, who are respectively sociologists of religions, is a serious reflection on the present and future of Catholicism. The crisis of sexual assault and secularization as well as incarceration testing linked to Covid-19 will greatly weaken the Catholic Church. For the authors, however, the prognosis is not a dying Catholicism, but an increasingly scattered Catholicism which could be a disaster for the Church. Look for it in libraries.

8Messages for mothers


CV : Benedict parDillis, MamiAnd the April 2022. Inspired by the various testimonies and personal experience of the author, an open letter to mothers describes the faith, love, gentleness, patience and compassion that characterize the practice of motherhood. Look for it in libraries.

9Christian education for the spiritual life


CV : Robert Sarah, Fayard, May 2022. Faced with the tendency of contemporary societies to exclude God from their horizon, the cardinal recommends on the contrary restoring his place in the life of the Church as well as in the presence of believers. It offers a spiritual path based on the Seven Sacraments, supplemented by quotations from scriptures, popes and theologians. Look for it in libraries.

10We, the Fathers, of the earth: We are not born a father, we are made one



CV : Artej, May 2022. Don’t look for the simple way to be a good parent: this book doesn’t exist. In this collection of testimonies you will find the experience of twelve men who often doubted, sometimes hit rock bottom, but were all transformed by fatherhood and their adversities. They have overcome infertility, bereavement, disability, shame, addiction, violence, absence… They are fathers of families, heads of companies, priests, artists, activists or activists. They all reveal to us the true meaning of their fatherhood: this gift that we receive from on high and that we live day after day on earth. They tell us about the father they became, and about the joys and hopes that shaped their hearts. A wonderful gift for all who are called “Father” on earth, for their wives and children and for all those who seek the face of “Our Father in Heaven.” Look for it in libraries.

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