Cyprien remembers his failures with Mr. V: 'I didn't want to smear my friends with that'

Cyprien remembers his failures with Mr. V: ‘I didn’t want to smear my friends with that’

Invited by Zack Nani in free zachCyprien is back in the era of his YouTube podcasts, and in particular his first fail.

Come on, let’s go back ten years. At the time, Cyprien was one of, if not the biggest, YouTuber in France. The videographer links to the podcast: “Le Café,” “The Walking Dead,” or “Les Bosses.” If he usually talks about everything and nothing, on March 22, 2012 Cyprien posted a somewhat different video on his channel. The video, titled “Like shit,” is actually a music video featuring a character, performed by Mister V, who was mocked by Cyprien for his dressing habits. Video will not be well received at the time. which will thus be followed by another: “Le Bide”.

Invited by Zack Nani in free zachCyprien is back in this episode. He admits it himself:The music wasn’t fun, it was very aggressive and more than that.“Inspired by the musical trends of the time, Cyprien now realizes his mistakes:”At that time, Skrillex, etc. was in fashion. So I asked my friend Nodey, “Go ahead and do some steps for me.” And one of the simple dubstep rules, continue, It’s that you don’t sing on dubstep. He’s already very revered and if you start yelling at him, he won’t. And suddenly people thought it was bad.

Cyprien: “It was more bad for Eve than I was»

At the time, Cyprien blames himself for attaching the image of the Fifth Master to his first failure: “For me, the tragedy of this story is that it was also one of my rare occurrences with Yvick. So I bring in Yvick, and I say, “Dude, let’s finally make a video together.” With Nodey doing the production, if you want there to be real collusion, there is something. We make a very simple clip, but we buy small clothes, and do everything ourselves. And the fact that there were more ups and downs for Evic than I was moneyCyprien admits. Because it was my responsibility and above all I didn’t want to smear my friends with that. So that was difficult.»

A failure on the big show will finally inspire him with another video: “Le Bide”. At the time, the video highlights the “green thumb” and “red thumb” ratio of the clip. Unfortunately, we can no longer check if the balance of power has reversed over time, after YouTube removed hate from videos. Only one indicator remains: 507,000 likes on “Comme une Merde”. For Zack Nani, Cibrian tells how the idea for the video came to his stomach.

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«People don’t know how things will go from my side»

And, of course, it all started with a wave of disapproval: “I had a rather lousy evening where… It was pointless for me to look at the comments because they were so unanimous, people said, “It sucks. It sucks. It’s bullshit.” In addition, the video is called “Comme une merde”, so people were in the situation: “I have my most important communication ‘live'”. »

Far from being created to reverse the trend, the demonstration video primarily allowed Siberians to tell what he was going through:I finally said to myself that I could discuss it, how do I live this thing. I flipped it over, and skipped the response. It wasn’t about stopping the red thumb wave and all, because you can make as many videos as you want and it just doesn’t make the video better. But I said to myself, “Hey, I’m experiencing something that inspires me.”»

A topic that hasn’t been discussed much on YouTube yet. Which happens to be in perfect association with Cyprien’s new ambitions: “At first I liked talking about things that everyone knows, then I started to really want to talk about things that people don’t know. And to explain the ups and downs, and why but above all how I experienced it, I said to myself, “People don’t know how it goes on my part. There we come to things that I like to deal with, something I can almost live with.”»

Simple bonus video, today it reaches 16 million views. What Cyprien explains partly through his aspiration for the humorous scenarios of the time. Even if he admitted that he doesn’t remember the video much anymore: “Inevitably, my personality trait means I like to find little minds and little tricks and jokes. I think the video is 2 minutes and 30 minutes long (laughs), is it really a video? I do not know. People tell me they really laughed at “Le Bide”. I don’t even know what to say in it anymore, I have a very bad memory.And we understand that all of this goes back to a time that seems very far away to us today.

In the rest of the news, Cyprien is back to announce his split from Squeezie: “People still take us for a duo.”

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