Foundation Season 2: Release date revealed by AppleTV?  - Mag Mirror

Foundation Season 2: Release date revealed by AppleTV? – Mag Mirror

This American series is made by David S. Gower and others Josh Friedman It is adapted to workIsaac Asimov « Foundation Course ». Although the series takes some liberties with the written work, Robin Asimov Isaac’s daughter asserts that:

The David Goyer Foundation has exceeded all my expectations: the series brings my father’s philosophy and ideas to the screen better than he could have done, without betraying any of his work.

This is enough to reassure Asimov’s ardent readers!

The series was broadcast for the first time September 24, 2021 on AppleTV + and the first season features ten episodes. The trailer for the next season hasn’t been revealed by Apple TV yet, but here’s something to get you in the mood:

(Source: Apple TV)

Psychological history prediction

The series is based on a great project: creating an enterprise to avoid a dark age 30,000 years he predicted Psychological. Psychological history is a science whose foundations are seldon day (The fictional character of Asimov), a mathematician who develops psychological history, allowing to predict the future through equations.

Thus 30,000 years of the Dark Age was predicted for the Galactic Empire ruled by the genetic clone dynasty of“Emperor Kleon I. The only way to avoid this, or at least reduce this delay to 1,000 years, as said before: to create an institution that keeps human knowledge safe in order to rebuild an empire on end of the planetAn isolated and poor planet.

Final station epic

Hari Seldon was sent to Terminus with his followers to begin the establishment of the institution. as accompanied by Gal DornickBrilliant young mathematician. During their journey, all does not go as planned and Harry Seldon is killed by his adopted son. rays.

Reich who becomes friends with Gal behaves inexplicably and forces Gal into his capsule. vide spatial.

When the Terminus ship finally reaches its destination, the travelers realize that the planet has already been colonized. A structure is built, they call it ” campus“It is only impossible to approach him thanks to the Impotence Domain. Only one person will succeed in transcending this realm: Salvor Hardenthe final station guardian.

.Tweet embedMy favorite part of the #Foundation is that it doesn’t play a single man, it plays a series of men who occupy a certain role for a period of time in their lives.

Season 2 is planned but it’s still a secret

The next season was announced by Apple TV on October 7, 2021. At the moment, no information regarding the release date has been disclosed. Production has not started yet, it is difficult to predict the exact launch date. Plus, the pandemic has an unfortunate tendency to delay filming, hoping that doesn’t happen for a second season!

Meanwhile, fans have come up with many Theories and analytics Interesting about the future of the series. Although reading the works of Isaac Asimov is enough to follow the main parts of the story, the series sometimes breaks with it a little!

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