Jean-Marie Bigard reveals that he "squandered" his fortune

Jean-Marie Bigard reveals that he “squandered” his fortune

yean-Marie Bigard was not sitting on a pile of gold. At least that’s what he said on the show. She Jordanpublished on the website of Tele-Leisure. As the host asked him if he was rich, the comedian replied without taboo: “I have been and I have been much less, I must admit. I tend to be a bit of a sieve. I have wasted all my wealth to others, to do good here and there…” However, He admits to amassing a fortune during his career, particularly thanks to selling DVDs of his hit shows in the 2000s.

“I was launching my new show at the end of November, and by December 31, I had sold 500,000 DVDs, he explained. I had seven euros on each DVD. And then I was selling 500,000 DVDs the rest of the year. That means for every show, I won up to €7 million over the course of the year…” And to illustrate that he has sold 8 million DVDs throughout his career: with €7 directly in his pocket at each sale, we have an idea of ​​the wealth accumulated during the boom years, when he filled Percy or even a stadium France in 2004…

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But where did the grand prize go? First, Jean-Marie Begaard always repeated that he was a “bad manager”, never depriving himself, neither of himself nor of others. His generosity is not a myth, he always put his hand on his heart, as his brother, who worked with him for some time, emphasized this: “When I kept accounts, we often argued about it, as he said in Paris. He wanted to give to everyone who needed it! “As proof of this, I offered this 300,000 euros one day to the doorman of the building who had a nephew suffering from throat cancer … “Money is like compost, if you leave it in a heap, it pollutes the air, but if it is dispersed, it gives a wonderful harvest”, She has a habit of saying the comedian, who is also very religious.

costly divorce

He’s also shed much of his assets by separating from his first wife Claudia in 2011, a Brazilian-born dancer with whom he has a son, Sasha — and has since been married to Lola Marua and is the father of twins. Explained two years ago in real information on channel +. I wanted this, and even my lawyer told me: You are about to be picked! This means that you give everything! But what is all this? Or half of all? or nothing? »

Finally, his career ran out, and the guy too old, he even thought about stopping his solo shows, not to mention the controversies and political positions that tarnished his image and distorted part of the audience: his support for Nicolas Sarkozy or the showman Marcel. Campion v. Anne Hidalgo, his anti-fax rhetoric during the pandemic and his commitment during the presidential campaign… To make matters worse, the confinement cut off his income, like other showrunners. Thus he explained to RMC that he had had serious financial problems to the point of negotiating an overdraft with his bank to pay his late rent.

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But the comedian plans to make a comeback. He is currently testing his new show at Point Virgule, in Paris, where he debuted about thirty years ago. A tour is planned for next September with a title that already exists: “Parole de conplotiste” …

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