Lulu Gainsbourg: "When I Create, I First Find Atmosphere"

Lulu Gainsbourg: “When I Create, I First Find Atmosphere”

After her debut album in 2011, Lulu Ginsburg revealed the re-release of her album “Replay”, released in 2021. A chance to meet the artist, based in Amsterdam.

You started playing music very early, what memories do you have of those early years of learning?

from 7 years I She entered the Conservatory of Piano, and then Music Theory two years ago. It has always been a game for me, the dictates of it all… I was lucky to have a good musical ear. At the same time, I was listening to a lot of different styles! He was one of my main inspirations Michael Jackson. Gradually I opened up to jazz and rock… This music education allowed me to integrate Berkeley College From Musicin Boston.

Did you immediately want to make it your job?

Not at all, that came later. until he arrived Berkeley at 21 years, i I wasn’t sure what I was going to do yet. It came in the middle of my studies. At the end of two years and others half me I really motivated myself to try writing. I had a small group where I was composed more I didn’t sing yet. Then I finished my studies and released my first album, “From Gainsbourg to Lulu ».

What is deep inside you is what you want to get out of.

Today, keep The reactions of this classic formation?

I want to say yes and no. Musical learning is a complex concept because there is a lot to learn, but at the same time, are there really rules to follow when composing? What is deep inside you is what you want to get out of. The world of music is becoming so vast compared to before, we have more styles and people who can make it their job, it’s complicating and at the same time advancing.

Configuration level, how do you follow up?

Often this It starts with melody, music, form… when I was I made First, look up the atmosphere, from time to time the time is There are melodies that are obvious to me, but it is true that they are rare. Sometimes we Part of the text to be composed, as in “tequilaSometimes we do the exact opposite «Replay“For example. Sometimes I have a sudden inspiration, with lilo sitting in one Half an hour we It has text and music coming together, it could take months.

How did you get into the epidemic musically?

It was totally blocking me, I had to get out «Replay» in the license, then in j finalI had to launch my brand. I am today I’m part of the independent labels, I’ve been able to take a huge leap in this aspect of the industry. I’m proud of that because it’s not easy, I’m learning the product aspect. It is much more than pressure but It brings extra pride. We see vinyl and think ‘Which – which y Really‘he is to be”.

«ReplayIt was mentioned as a concept album, is that how I envisioned it?

There is a little bit of that yes! In all cases There is a story that begins and ends, so I guess we can categorize it like that. I take the place of the narrator, and I open the titles are a form of narration, not in the song.

before devoting yourself entirely to your music You started your film career, what did you benefit from it?

When I went to Berkeley, Mon The goal was to study film music, which I have always been passionate about, even today. I had the opportunity to co-create a soundtrack for a Japanese movie, and I have other projects in the pipeline that I can’t talk about yet about movie music, so I can’t help but be excited. I had an experience likerepresentative but Not my priority. even if you were I am not closed to opportunities.

“Replay”, re-released version released on June 17, 2022.

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