[Livre blanc] Data Workers: 3 Solutions to Create Value with Your Data

[Livre blanc] Data Workers: 3 Solutions to Create Value with Your Data

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Do you use the computer at work? You are then a data worker. And like most data workers, you’re not necessarily aware of that. However, you are manipulating data on a regular basis and it is potentially a strategy for your business.

Every day, like you, like all of us, millions of data workers will create, modify, and complete Excel files and other databases of all kinds. In fact, 54 million of them spend 40% of their time manually correcting data on Excel spreadsheets.

Each of these human actions affects the quality of the resulting data. And this impact comes at a high cost: according to Gartner, companies lose between 10 and 13 million euros annually due to the poor quality of their data. It is therefore imperative for companies today to ensure optimal management of the quality of their data, regardless of the current level of digitization.

This white paper aims to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do you deal with an increasing amount of data but it is hard to use?
  • How do you design and implement a new corporate culture based on the seamless exchange of data?
  • How do you start using the right tools and processes?


YZR est la première API qui automatise la préparation des données sémantiques. La solution, basée sur l’IA, permet aux entreprises de faciliter, accélérer et améliorer l’ensemble du processus de normalisation des données (identifier des doublons, créer des catégories au sein de fichiers, créer des référentiels, etc.).  Fondée en 2019, YZR a récemment levé 10 millions d’euros pour continuer son développement en France et s’implanter aux États-Unis.

The information collected in this form is recorded in a computer file By Decode Media SAS for YZR and held for one year. In accordance with the Law “Informatique et Libertés”, you can exercise your right of access to Data about you and corrected by sending an e-mail to dpo@decode.media. »

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