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Hot Weather: An Adventurous Explorer Shares His Advice

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Remi Camus crosses Australia © Rémi Camus

The Australian outback, the Mekong … Remy Camus, a 36-year-old adventurous adventurer, had to get used to his body in extreme temperatures. As for Leon Capitale, he looks at his experiences to give some advice!

Lion Capital: Why did you become an adventurer?

Remy Camus: I’ve always loved being outdoors and living in nature, but what really gave me Want to Embark on an Adventure This is the book of The Man Who Ran Across America. I thought, “If he does, I don’t understand why I can’t do that either!”. I envisioned my first adventure at the age of 25, and one year later, I was running across Australia. Honestly, I did not really exercise, only when this idea appeared I began to train intensively. like what, When we want we can !

In which region experienced the most extreme temperatures?

Crossing Australia was quite amazing. It was a real physical and mental challenge, and a real challenge! I already knew a little Australia but when we find ourselves On this island island, it is beyond everything you can imagine. I still had a lot of luck with the temperatures because I left Melbourne to go to Darwin! I would have done it the other way around, I would have really suffered.

When I left Melbourne, I had a continental climate at first, so my body wasn’t out of place. Then I had a Mediterranean climate and ended up with a desert climate. So I gradually adapted, attacking the desert was less complicated than it could have been. Despite everything, the intense heat in this region is still impressive, and the sun is burning us! In 2019, I took two trainees and told them, “You’re really going to feel really hot when you open the plane doors.” In the face of the sun, many overestimate themselves. I happened to see, in Uluru, the hottest area, people in shorts, T-shirts and tap shoes with only a small water bottle when the temperature was 50°C.

What advice would you give in the face of the upcoming sweltering heat?

First and foremost, people need to understand how their bodies work. This will allow them to be able, later on, to adopt the correct mechanism to protect themselves from the extreme heat. Men and women do not interact with the outside in the same way. We regularly hear young women complaining that their hands or feet are cold and this is normal. In fact, these have a body that can accommodate a child, and in order to be able to maintain it, the heat source is placed at the level of their abdomen. Not everyone protects themselves the same way! After that, you have to understand that our bodies exchange with the outside on different principles. We will have radiation, and hiding from the sun helps reduce our temperature. Then we have ventilation, we must try to find a source, natural or unnatural, for ventilation. Then there is evaporation, in case of extreme heat it is necessary to try to maintain a certain humidity. This can be done by wetting the turban we put around our head or by drying the laundry indoors by the fan.

Then, you should be able to keep your body temperature constant, whether you’re in the extreme cold or in the extreme heat! It all depends on where you are but When it is very hot, it is better to wear long sleeves In order to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays and keep our bodies at the right temperature, our sweat stays inside our clothes.

Showering is very important but you have to do it while respecting your body, there is no point in jumping in the water all of a sudden because you will have a very big difference in temperature and that is not good!

naturally You have to drink a lot. However, there is no point in drinking 3 liters of water at once because your body is not able to absorb such a large amount, so most of what you have just swallowed will go straight back into your body, your urine. It is better Drink small sips regularly so you don’t feel dehydrated. In any case, the simple fact of telling yourself to be thirsty proves that it is already too late. Of course there are several degrees of dehydration! In the Australian bush, for example, I experienced a very advanced drought. I really thought not to get out of it and then ended up drinking pee. Avoid drinking ice water when you are dehydrated ! On the contrary, it is better to drink hot water because it prevents the body from using energy to heat it.

In the middle of a heat wave, avoid going out when the mercury is at its strongest. Enjoy activities indoors or in the shade between 1 pm and 5 pm.

Air conditioning is a way to get a nice thermoregulation inside the home. However, closing your shutters during the day, leaving only gaps to let the wind in is also a very effective solution. In the middle of summer, when I’m in an apartment, I manage to maintain a temperature of 22°C inside! Air conditioning is good but you have to know how to take the dose, you have to go gradually. 70% of people get sick in the summer because their bodies have undergone significant heat variation. By car, for example, you should try to turn off the air conditioning 5-10 minutes before arrival and then gradually lower the windows. This allows the wind to enter and adjust again to the outside temperature.

Do you think everyone is able to adapt to extreme heat?

Honestly, you can’t even imagine what the human body can do! Man can adapt to harsh living conditions and achieve real feats. Our human body is a highly advanced machine, Most people are only in infancy of their physical and mental capabilities. You just have to try to trust yourself and remove the barriers you place on yourself.

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