Diana, Charles, old age: Camila trusts "Voice"

Diana, Charles, old age: Camila trusts “Voice”

MBetter late than never: she had to wait until she was 75 to get honors Vogue magazine…Camilla Shand, wife of Prince Charles, has agreed to take a pose in her office at Clarence House, the London residence she shares with the heir to the crown, elegantly but without fanfare. But doubtless with a touch of pride, she is careful not to reveal it: for more than twenty years she has lived in the Prince’s shadow, in disguise, knowing all too well what British opinion is to be appreciated. I was long affected by the death of Diana. Over twenty years of criticism, spades, and not-so-fun comparisons, with this stubborn image of a “witch” or “Rottweiler” that would have brought the royal couple down.

“It’s not easy,” she admitted in an interview with Vogue magazine British. “I’ve been scrutinized for so long that you just have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be seen all the time, and you know, criticize and … ”the journalist explains that she does not finish her sentence and even disappears for a moment, indicating that the pain does not Still going strong, despite the years. “But I think at the end of the day, I kind of gain height and keep going. We have to keep living,” she says, shrugging her shoulders.

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Her life with Prince Charles? “It’s not always easy, but we always try to make a point during the day we meet,” she admits, due to the overburdened schedule error. “We always sit together for a while, have a cup of tea, and talk about our day. We always have a moment to ourselves.” And the follow-up: “It’s good to make up for lost time when you can. You know, the best times are when we sit down and read our books in different corners of the room. It’s very convenient, because you don’t have to have a short conversation. Let’s sit down and be together…”

“old bat”

At about 75 – she’ll be celebrating them with the family on July 17 – the Duchess of Cornwall has kept all her humour: “Sorry, you’re going to have to photograph an old bat this morning,” she told the photographer who came to immortalize her for the glamorous magazine… “Who wants to be 75″ , really? She compliments. But we can’t do anything about it, that’s life…” In an age when everyone benefits from retirement, Camilla remains fully committed to the royal family: In addition to her formal commitments to her husband, she offers hundreds of presidencies. It sponsors and supports in particular the establishment of emergency reception centers for the most disadvantaged groups. “I will continue as long as I can,” she explains. “You can’t just give things up in the middle of Ford. There is still a lot of work to be done…”

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We also learned that she spends her spare time gardening, particularly at the couple’s country home in Highgrove, a passion that Charles also shares. She remains very close to her five grandchildren with whom she texts – Camilla is a mother of two, Tom and Laura, from her marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles, whom she divorced in 1995 before reconnecting with Prince Charles. Not a word on the other hand about William and Harry, the sensitive topic is neatly avoided…

For Camilla, this interview is part of the repossession of the Queen, who wants at all costs to unite the future royal couple before her death…so she clearly wanted Camilla to be labeled a “Queen Consort” one day, while emphasizing his “loyal work” inside the crown. We also saw the Duchess of Cornwall take part in the Order of the Lace Gala for the first time this month, a nod to her full front row affair. On the poll side, it still lags behind, with only 36% of favorable opinions, according to a recent poll. Mirror. It’s always better than Megan dropping to 24%… We console ourselves as best we can.

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