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Cancer-stricken Florent Bagni, his daughter, reveals highly touching photos of the singer

On Sunday, June 19, 2022, many French people wished their father a happy birthday. As for her, Florent Bagni’s daughter Al has shared photos of the singer. It must be said that the 23-year-old is very close to her father. In March 2022, she also posted a snapshot of us seeing her with her parents and brother. Find out all the details.

Florent Bagnay’s cancer

On January 25, 2022, Florent Bagni announced shocking news. The singer has lung cancer. Illness prompted him to postpone his career. In fact, when he planned to end his tour at the age of 60, Aël and Inca Pagny’s father had to cancel all of his concerts.

After the artist announced his illness, his fans were very worried about him. Thus, to encourage them, Florent Bagni assured that he would return to the stage once his treatment was over.

In April 2022, three months after the truth about cancer was revealed, the magazine published here good news about Florent Bagni. In fact, his tumor had been “halved” after “two months of intensive treatment”. A source close to the singer also confirmed that he will react well to the treatment.

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Moreover, even if what he is going through is not easy at all, Florent Bagni does not allow him to be defeated. Moreover, when he debuted in public, with a shaven head on May 7, 2022 on “The Voice,” the singer took things lightly and with humor. Confronting Nikos Aliagas and his audience, he then declared:

“There, it’s not even a haircut anymore (…) These chemicals, they make you lose a little hair but that’s okay, they don’t stop us from keeping fit and having a good face.”

The artist reassured his health

In the Columns of the Gala, Florent Bagni spoke of his illness. Once again, the singer reassured his talk about being on the verge of “coming out of the tunnel.” According to him, this cancer somehow “awakened” him and redefined the meaning of his life.

He would get answers that would revive some of the things he had lost over time. But if the singer was an optimist, then he did not hide that he went through particularly difficult times due to illness.

“Yes, I’ve known this period when you don’t want anything, you don’t have peaches, your heart is on your lips, but it passes. I had the pure chemo, which was beating: heartache for twelve days, it’s no joke anymore!”, he said .

Regarding his shaved head, Florent Bagni supposes. What he assumes less is that these eyelashes fall out, because, according to him, it makes them “really sick.”

“I’ve always worked on all shapes, and here I am going to the extremes! It’s the cleanest!”, he did not state.

Tender photos shared by his daughter

If his illness caused him so much anxiety, Florent Bagni was nevertheless able to count on the support of his family. Because, like him, he doesn’t want his relatives to “get into the drama.” Especially his daughter Ayl who often posts pictures of her father on her Instagram.

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This was the case, for example, in March 2022. After participating in a question-and-answer session with her subscribers, Florent Bagni’s daughter shared an adorable family shot showing her alongside her parents and brother.

Ailee also posted a picture of his dad for Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19, 2022. In an Instagram story, the 23-year-old shared a very recent shot of Translator “Finding How to Love”, and old photos taken when she was still a child.

In one of the pictures in which “Feliz dia Papounet” was written, we can see Florent Bagni in sunglasses, dressed in pants, and a black jacket. He’s smiling and seems to be doing a great job.

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