Karine Le Marchand bouleversée : elle annonce la fin de son émission chère à son coeur

Karen Le Marchand is upset: Announces the end of her program dear to her heart

This Friday, June 10, Karen Le Marchand spoke on her account Instagram To make a sad announcement. One of the programs you have hosted for a long time is about to expire. Is it about Love is in the meadowFrom intimate ambition ? The pressure is at its peak! We reveal everything to you!

Karen Le Marchand: One of her shows is running out!

Is this the last season of Love is in the meadow? No, that’s not possible for Karen Le Marchand. The show is successful and farmers always need to find their better half, right? The photos were broadcast at the beginning of the year, and the audience is eagerly awaiting the start of the opening of letters, then speed dating and farm stays. We will have to be a little patient, because in general, this coincides with the beginning of the school year in September. But, then, is it the matter that matters?

A very touching birthday message for a great friend

Anyway, for now, the channel host m 6 Share more and more about his private life on social networks. In fact, Lillian Thuram’s ex-girlfriend recently posted on her Instagram account a few words of her lifelong owner, Stephen Plaza. It even involved the favorite real estate agent of the French in Love is in the meadow To help Hervé and Stéphanie find their warm nest.

The stone master celebrated his birthday and Karen Le Marchand didn’t forget it, of course. In fact, she wanted to show him all the affection and wrote him a few touching words on the web. “My @stephaneplaza.off today is another candle on the cake of your life…”The beautiful brunette started before she remembered a few tales: “We’ve done stupid things about it, and we’ll do it again: we went crazy skiing, you took me to the Vatican to heal my heartache, you made me laugh at tennis to win prizes. Points, you emptied my entire bar on vacation, but you’re always ready to do what I suggest,” You could read on the web. A beautiful friendship touches us, too. Check out the respective post below with some photos of the two friends.

It’s the end of his radio show RTL

On Friday, June 10, she talked about nothing else, but what interests her followers the most. In fact, Karen Le Marchand announced the end of her radio show RTL who called We don’t answer anything anymore. This is what the web host wrote: “Saturday it will be La der des ders! After two amazing years on rtl_france with mylolobababa and @jean.fi, here’s the last show we haven’t responded to anymore! “.

Karen Le Marchand didn’t forget to mention the good audience of her show and also to thank the teams RTL on their trust. “Page turns over, because so many others are opening in front of me that I have to choose. Thank you to all listeners, more and more (+40% in 1 year), you are wonderfully loyal and I am so lucky to be your member. Thank you so much to all the artists and personalities who have agreed To share their flaws, their fragility, their doubts, their joys, their childhood dreams, and their great hopes. Your trust honors me and makes me grow.”. In fact, the good news in this ad is that we know that this free time will quickly fill up with the various projects that the beautiful brunette is running in parallel. Karen Le Marchand has more than one idea!

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