"Blackwater 6" promises emotions after "rain"

“Blackwater 6” promises emotions after “rain”

Emily Cafe Powell, Contributing Reading Group 20 minutes Books, I advise you Blackwater VI – Rain Written by Michael McDowell, published June 17, 2022 by Éditions Monsieur Toussaint Louverture.

His favorite quote:

All of his dreams as a young man – what he would have, what he would have and be – were just a means to an end. This goal was happiness. Things didn’t go as planned, far from it, but he was reasonably happy.

Why this book?

  • Because this novel beautifully concludes the epic saga black water. The story ends as it began, in a masterfully executed game of mirrors. Michael McDowell happily orchestrates the end of his intrigue, the death of the name Caskey which, by a game of guilds, no one will soon wear, perhaps until the end of Perdido as a whole…
  • Because this final novel masterfully plays the degree of emotion, And he even managed to draw some tears to us. The old guard is dying, and the new generation seems to be unconnected with what has long bound the clan. A new era opens, but the reader will not attend it, and then with a touch of sadness and strong nostalgia he sees fifty years of the Kaski family’s life coming to an end.
  • Because the mystery remains until the end. Horror captures again in this volume. If many questions remain, the reader will not really be embarrassed: he is free to imagine the answers he would like to put to the questions that remain for him …
  • Since reading every volume in this series is quick, With pleasure: Two short hours of reading is enough to beat the volume. And each one is a little gem of workmanship, which looks great in your library. It may be useless, but it is important!

The basics in two minutes

the plot. The Blackwater story tells the story of the Caskey clan, a wealthy Alabama family, from the 1920s to the 1970s. The historical narrative takes on the colors of horror and fantasy when Elinor, a mysterious newcomer into the family…

Personalities. This last volume introduces a new generation, but dwells relatively little on its heroes. The great heroine of this conclusion is the one who opened the ball: Elinor, now the mother.

sites. Perdido, a small, remote town in Alabama, has unexpectedly become one of the centers of the oil economy in this corner of the country. Prosperity is closely related to what the Caskeys have!

the time. This final volume opens in 1958 and ends in 1970. The epic will have covered fifty years of the Kaski family’s life, and then half a century of American history…

author. Michael McDowell signs a record story with Blackwater. Posted in France is a real success!

This book was read with Nostalgia: After all, this is the last volume in a series of six! We’re emotionally invested in Caskey’s story…

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