Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking

Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking

Recently, a video of Greg Yega taking heroin went viral on social networks. Very quickly the young candidate wanted to explain himself. Then he speaks and explains for the first time these serious accusations. We tell you everything!

Greg Yega accused of using heroin in the video

Blogger Nabil El Mandi recently made shocking discoveries about Greg Yega. Indeed, the young man revealed a video of the famous reality TV candidate taking drugs. He explains this just before you share photos.

“Today, whether it’s violence against women, whether it’s drugs, peculiar behavior of minors, etcetera. Finally, whatever I denounce every time is always in the public interest. But it’s true that I don’t do it very closely already because my accounts jump Other than that. And here I found that outputting a large file once a month was fine. So there in that case I don’t know if you remember but as I shared with you yesterday on TPMP some time ago, they opened the file and ended up concluding that Mifa and Greg didn’t They take it. But in fact, in this environment there were many people who used drugs and that the products were complicit at the border.« Nabil says.

Greg Yega sparked controversy with his SHOCK video

Before first revealing an image of the video with explanatory text: This is a screenshot of the video which I will send to you later. We see a television filter absorbing into an aluminum straw a substance heated by a lighter. Before putting up the video, let me give you a hands-on lesson, I didn’t understand myself what he was doing and had to do some research…” He explains. Before revealing the video, comment. Greg smokes heroin 😱😱😱😱”

Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking about Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking

But it didn’t take Greg long to speak. ” There are bloggers who want to release a video of me 10 years ago. True, 10 years ago I spent an evening with my friends and smoked, that’s all. It’s not a good thing for bebews, here I was filmed without my knowledge. So we released a video without my knowledge, filmed without my knowledge. So I find it simply shameful and pathetic. Knowing that this video…”

A video dating back 10 years already…

Then he insisted on his defense and claimed that it would be a video clip from 10 years ago. He has proof of that: “Some bloggers got it and didn’t take it out because they saw it was 10 years ago and even though you see the bebews in the video I don’t have tattoos on his left arm. Well, I don’t have tattoos on my left arm, and I don’t have Baja ‘brothers’. So, it’s important Too much for me to justify myself to you because you’re a part of my life. Besides, I’m in the middle of filming so we want to release this video, we want… we want to hurt me (…) They still want me here… To hurt me, I don’t understand why. I think this guy over there is actually going to get to know himself, OK, OK, it was announced, OK, I’m known, but at some point this guy I think she needs to watch the video and make sure it happened 10 years ago. »

Before adding: It’s not right to do that, kids. Here we all have a past but at some point I am here, I have a family, I have uncles and aunts. That’s when I tell you that my friends cheated on me, moreover. Well, what did you betray and it hurts so much. They were people I really respect in my heart. And in the end, well, I was betrayed. Here it comes out of videos 10 years ago, I don’t understand why they would do this. Yes, I was advertised but why did I hurt like this? »

Greg Yiga, who was filmed without his knowledge taking heroin, spoke

Then we conclude: Yes I am not perfect. We’ve all lived before I was famous and before I filmed reality TV. That’s why I’m just telling you things. I’m Beboz telling you things, and Today’s reality TV made me grow which is why I can assume videos like this today are 10 years ago. I’m not saying that’s what I did, it’s never happened in my life. It’s not good at all. And bebews don’t really smoke, protect yourself, pay attention to your surroundings. And know that one thing is that TV made me grow so much, and made me grow so much (…) And yes, no one is perfect, and yes it was a mistake of the youth here (…) »

Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking

Greg Yiga: Filmed taking heroin, talking

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