Searching for an apartment or house: the family budget shocks Internet users (ZAPTV) - X Gossip

Searching for an apartment or house: the family budget shocks Internet users (ZAPTV) – X Gossip

On the program Recherche appartement ou maison on Friday 17 June broadcast on M6, a family was intimidated by netizens, when it came to their demands…and their exorbitant budget.

Appeared with a small mustache in an unpublished Looking for an apartment or house, Friday, June 17 on M6, Stéphane Plaza has already sparked a wave of suspicion on Twitter. But the most important thing in the show was less than his mustache The budget of a family looking for an apartment or house to buy in Lille, in Hauts-de-France. In fact, Sophie and Fred just got back from Montreal where they had no less than 360 square meters to enjoy their family life. Nice space hard to find in Lille.

The first property that Stefan Plaza offers them is a duplex in Old Lille, 165 sq m of happiness, parents’ suite, bathroom, living room of 75 sq m … Yes, but no. “It’s great, the living room is exactly what I’m looking for”Sophie commented. “But there is no small thing that makes me feel good.” Because of the view: “Prison, scrap metal”She doesn’t want it, she wants a garden.

‘It’s inappropriate’

Except for that on Twitter, the family is making scandals. “What is your budget? Million. Well, when do we cryUser attached.Shame on these soresAnd the Another responds. Besides, boring. As they say, it is always the richest and the meanest. An offer of 110,000 euros below, what a nerve, I’m disgusted, in their millions, they found nothing, the joke. “ The megaphone finds the facts conflicting. “I go from TPMP where the retiree doesn’t have enough to eat, and there is a couple who have a million budget. We don’t live on the same planetIt is considered. “We don’t really have the same salaries…”says another user.

unbearable couple at 1.1 million, The user writes. Then he visited 80 houses… you see the heads of stonesor: “A budget of 11 million euros… It’s just inappropriate To show the whims of these outstanding people, when people with tight budgets really have trouble buying.” The Internet user agrees that it is necessary to “produce” “Reconnect a little more with reality”. And to add: Sorry, but a million, It’s not the average French family budgetDon’t make fun of him. And the demands of the customer are more uncomfortable than anything else.” And finally: With a million euros… we can really get to know him…worse and worse”. Stéphane Plaza sure has a nice mustache, but he must have had a ringing ear.

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