What the creator and crew of "First Killing" said about season two

What the creator and crew of “First Killing” said about season two

A teenage vampire drama follows the romance between vampire Juliet Vermont (Hawk) and monster hunter Caliope Burns (Louis) and how they fall in love despite their determination to achieve their first kill.

Netflix They haven’t officially commented yet on whether there will be a second season, but Schwab, Lewis, and Hawke spoke to Newsweek about what they were hoping for if they could follow the story.

What the creator of “The First Kill” said in E Schwab about season two.

Despite their love for each other, things take a dramatic turn in the series finale after Theo (Callop’s brother Philip Mullings Jr.) is turned into a vampire by Juliet after she is tragically murdered.

The former warns the latter that she will somehow find a way to kill her.

Schaub She told Newsweek about her hopes for Season 2, explaining that she felt there was a lot to explore, not only between Juliet and Calliope, but also with their family members.

” hopefull [une deuxième saison]Fingers intertwined. “There are a lot of dramas, and there are a lot of things that we have to solve for people,” Schwab said. For example, Elinor [la sœur de Juliette, jouée par Gracie Dzienny] In prison and, my God, what will happen there? I mean, there is a lot to deal with. »

“I just want Juliette to get drunk, and her hot daughter makes the summer where she eats people, come on, it’s time now,” she joked.

“No, I’m obviously very optimistic, just because the last thing I’m going to say is…. I think what’s very cool, [et] One of the reasons I want season two so much is that when you’re writing season one, you’re not writing with the actors in mind.

“We don’t have a staff when we write the first season and go into the second season, and all of a sudden we have a staff and we can start working on the stories with the actors in mind while we do that, and I think that’s really cool.”

What ‘First Murder’ stars Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hawke had to say about season two

Louis and others Hook Equally excited to continue their characters’ journeys in Season 2, they both share their thoughts on how the story will unfold.

Hook She shared that she was hoping for some conflict between the two characters, as well as a new look for Juliet: “I’ll admit… I don’t want them getting back together yet. I want there to be a heated fight between the two of them.”

“I hope Juliet goes through a dark, emotional phase, and her version of that dark phase is a parody of Elinor and Margot of Vermont (Elizabeth Mitchell), you know, kind of scary Barbie.

“And then emotionally on this trip with Calliope is like, ‘Okay, we’ve broken up now so we’re mad at each other. “That kind of atmosphere.

“I hope … maybe they will collaborate and say, ‘Are we getting back together now?’” But I really want to have space in a fun way.

“You know, it’s not forever, just a temporary little fight between the two of them and I think that’s going to be fun and interesting.” »

Louis On the other hand, eager for the couple to get back together quickly, she confided to Newsweek: “Of course, I think like everyone else that even if the chances seem slim, I want them to reconcile, I love Juliet and Calliope, I love their dynamics.

“And of course, and selfishly, I want them to reconcile and find their way to each other. Calliope, I think she was really wounded and really confused, and I think Theo was her best friend, in many ways they were close to each other.”

“So I think not having that and not being able to turn to your family like you normally do, or not being able to turn to your partner as if you don’t feel comfortable with your family, you almost have to be in that area where you don’t know what to do with yourself.

“But selfishly, I want them to reconnect and I want them to work somehow. I don’t know how because the writers of First Kill are brilliant so I don’t know how they’re going to do that.”

kill the first Available on Netflix now.


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