Audio brings a new dimension to your photo book

Audio brings a new dimension to your photo book

Audio in your photo book! With the releases of Akasha, the paperback album is about to become a reality. Or how to link audio recordings to each page of a photo book. If we already know a photo book to which we can associate sounds and videos using a printed QR code to scan (but valid for a limited time), the experiment promised by Vanessa Pohrig, founder of Akasha Publications, has nothing to do. “20 Minutes” went to meet the young editor.

Find his own voice

“I’ve wanted to put sound in books for seven years and show the images we print with emotional baggage that the written word doesn’t allow,” Vanessa Bohrij, 36, says on 20 Minutes.

Vanessa Bouhrij, editor, biographer and photographer, founder of Akasha Editions. – AKASHA . editions

The first cries of a baby during birth, the unique atmosphere of a lost village at the end of the world, the sounds of animals recorded during a journey in the heart of nature? Yes, but not only. The young woman, who is also a biographer, also wants to relate to the memory of families, through a book in which one can find the voice of her family on every page. that grandparents recount their memories and comment on old yellowed pictures; for parents to remember important stages of their lives; Those are the first words of children that we would like to keep forever. Then it opens up the possibilities…

cross generations book

That’s a technical difficulty to overcome as well. Vanessa Pohrig, commenting on the paper, did not want to scan the QR code to find, below the photo, an audio recording, as it had already happened. “I wanted something beautiful, durable, taught through generations. Hence his idea of ​​combining a real print photo book with as durable an electronic base as possible, which could serve as a base for the various photo books created on the Akasha Editions website.

The Akasha version wants to convey memories with a body that stays in time.
The Akasha version wants to convey memories with a body that stays in time. – AKASHA . editions

With the program, you can create your own photo book page after page. This process can be carried out by several people, each family member is able, for example, to contribute to the creation of a memorial work at a distance. Outre le télécharge et la mise en page de photos avec des légendes, chaque feuillet peut accueillir des sons que l’on a préalablement enregistrés depuis son smartphone (voix, musique, bruits.)… Le livre imprimé esté ensuite expé welcome.

It has a microSD card, and it functions as an audio player with a speaker, headphone jack, and power and volume keys, just like in the Walkman. On the edge, a small LCD screen allows you to choose the number of the page you want to “read”. There’s no QR code, so (the editor insists it’s a “real option, we’re not immune to servers giving up!”), but also batteries instead of battery life and wired headphones (“I don’t want Bluetooth”). A savings issue? The editor defends “no”, but the desire for “no planned obsolescence”. Vanessa Bohrig adds, “I am for the paperback, for access to literature, for something that stays in families, and, in short, for a true return to authenticity.”

The photobook of the Akasha edition is placed and listened to on an electronic base.
The photobook of the Akasha edition is placed and listened to on an electronic base. – AKASHA . editions

Of course, books will be interchangeable at their base, and other books can be ordered and delivered using their microSD card. Everything is made in France except for the electronic card, which is logically made in Asia…

120 pages and 33 hours of listening!

The idea is attractive. It gets even worse when one consults the first picture/audio books produced by Vanessa Bohrij: here is a life story complete with Josiane’s memories; There is a wedding where we hear the bride and groom say “yes” to each other, or give a speech during the reception, etc. One can imagine the emotional value that the association of images and sounds will acquire over time. It will be even more dangerous when the people who might express themselves through their life story disappear…

For their part, the design possibilities offered by the Akasha editions are thousands of miles away from those offered by classic picture books. Here, there is no overall layout as we often see. “I want it to remain elegant, elegant, and legible,” comments a young editor whose ambitious project is about to see the light of day.

Waiting to double its funding in masses On the Ulule platform, Vanessa has already registered pre-orders for her first picture/audio books. Count €199 for a 120-page book with up to 99 audio tracks and 33 hours of listening. “I am aware that there is an entry price,” the young woman admits. On closer inspection, it is slightly more expensive than the classic “beautiful” picture book, but much less expensive than a resume written by a specialist (from 3000 to 4000 euros). The first delivery date is set for August. Until then, you still have time to sort your photos and make your recordings!

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