Cyprien returns to announce his split from Squeezie: 'People still take us for a duo'

Cyprien returns to announce his split from Squeezie: ‘People still take us for a duo’

Invited by Zack Nani in free zachCyprien is back in his relationship with Squeezie, which he mentioned in his FAQ a few months ago.

In February, Cibrian admitted during an exposition of questions that he no longer speaks with Squeezie. The case caused an uproar on the web, confirming the pair’s separation that moved an entire generation on YouTube. The manager in question also responded with a somewhat official press release posted on his social media networks. Since then, neither of them have made additional comments, before Cyprien ended up bringing up the topic with Zack Nani, on the show. free zach.

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Cyprien on Squeezie: “It had to be done”

“We no longer talk to each other, Cyprien resumes. Relationships were closed and we actually saw each other a few months before that and that bothered me a lot. I’m just repeating what I said in the video, but what bothered me so much to see that I’ve been brushed aside. I am very careful about who surrounds me, etc. Suddenly I said to myself, “I’m obviously not doing that well because there are people who take me a little bit out of their lives.”. The videographer resumes by stating that the contacts are cut off, and even recounts the last meeting with Squeezie where they were able to briefly discuss it. “He wanted us to see each other and I told him, ‘Actually, you got me out of your life.'”

Finally, Cyprien also mentioned how this information was posted and prevented fans from imagining things. “People keep taking us to the duo and asking me, ‘What are the next videos? When is this, when is that? “,” continued. And I said to myself it’s something that will never happen again and I can’t answer people on my own anymore… and it was very important in my life too. It was the duo that we had, and all the projects we did together are very important. And since that put an end to it all, it’s like changing everything in your life and not talking about it, so it had to be done..

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Cyprien: ‘It was great for everyone’

And so Cibrian made the decision to talk about it before the rumors spread. “What I was accused of was that I said it affected me. People didn’t want me to say that and say that by mutual agreement, they probably wanted me to lie. But it wasn’t an option for me, and above all I endured for two years. It was something I lived very badly with. “. Communication : “I said to myself: it should be clear to people. In fact, we are no longer friends, and I had to say it myself, not someone else. It was just that. I didn’t want to call back from behind because anyway the contacts were cut off, I am no longer ever existed in his life.”.

Anyway, Cyprien specifies on several occasions that he didn’t want to create a drama, or even reconnect with Squeezie, but merely to task fans with the truth behind their story. “I understand people saying that to keep it more, it might have been better if I lied and said it was by mutual agreement, He said. I should have lied and said things differently, I think it would have been quieter for people. And to say what happened, like me, was a tragedy, it was a tragedy for people as well. I’m not a drama machine, I’ve never done that in my life, and the only drama that happened to me I preferred to say as I was living it was really great for everyone.”

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