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Florent Bagni: He finally found his home where he lives with his wife Azocina in Patagonia

For more than 30 years, the translator of “Savoir aime” has lived between Paris and Patagonia. In this country, southern Argentina, the singer is enjoying his days. And that’s away from the bustling life of the French capital. So he can relax there with his wife and children.

Florent Pagny’s Long Romance With Azucena Caamaño

Florent Bagni has been in total love with his wife Azucina Camanio for over 25 years. It was in 1992 that the couple met for the first time. The singer immediately fell in love with a beautiful brunette, especially since at that time he had just broken up with Vanessa Paradis.

Since that time, the two love birds have become inseparable. They have gone through life experiences together. Azusina was always there to support her husband, especially when the singer got into trouble with the tax authorities in 2004.

Source: Gorassini Giancarlo / ABACA

In 2006, lovers said “yes” to each other in Argentina, having given birth to two wonderful children: the Incas, who were born in 1996, four years after they met, and an Eel in 1999. The couple who actually lived in Patagonia after that. To gather together to raise their children there, in a humble home.

The singer’s daily life, away from the city, in Patagonia

Since he had always had a passion for nature, Patagonia instantly won the heart of Pascal Obispo’s best friend. In this country the two love birds settled at the beginning of their relationship and raised their children there.

“It’s the only country I said to myself here, I can live in it; the air is healthy, the water is pure… and there aren’t many people!”,” I retort at the pillars of Suer.

And that’s when he was asked why he chose to live at the end of the world. The father of the Incas lives in a simple, secluded house on the barren steppes of Patagonia, and the father of the Incas can only be happy with his quiet life, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

“Driving for three hours on the road and not crossing a single car, I’ve never seen that before! You don’t wake up with the same impulses that you suddenly get up in Paris,” he once admitted in front of the microphone of Nikos Aliagas in the movie ’50’ Inside.

Appearing on the set of the filming of the program “Vivement Dimanche” on France 2, his wife from this country spoke about the singer’s association with this place:

“For me, the danger was that I would go there to come and live in Paris. And he takes me back. I don’t know if he fell in love with Patagonia or me.”

However, the coach of The Voice does not want to give up his life in France, where he pursues his other passion, which is music. He also realizes that the place is not suitable for the life that he and his wife lead. He admitted that he could not do without either of them.

Florent Bagni is sick, how is he?

On January 25, Florent Bagni informed his fans on social media that he had lung cancer and had to cancel his big tour from the age of 60 in order to dedicate himself to chemotherapy.

However, after three months of struggle, the news was reassuring about his condition. In a video posted to Instagram on May 10, the Inca father confirmed to his followers that his tumor, which was “the size of a kiwi, has now turned into a nut”.

As mentioned above, the famous singer can always count on the support of his wife. This cruel ordeal showed that Azusina would always stand by her beloved through thick and thin.

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