Open the doors of the "Library of Secret Dreams"

Open the doors of the “Library of Secret Dreams”

Audrey Esquin, Contributor to Reading Group 20 minutes Books, I advise you secret dreams library By Michiko Aoyama, published May 17, 2022 by Éditions Nami.

His favorite quote:

“The value of a live performance lies more in your interpretation than in the strength of his words.”

Why this book?

  • Because it is the first novel to open a new collection In Leduc: Nami. Its goal: to explore intimacy through texts that depict the inner lives, joys and sorrows of the characters. Nami for “wave” in Japanese is “the symbol of the perpetual motion of life.”
  • Because this novel is set in Japan, where you will see five characters whose lives are turned upside down by pushing the doors of a community center and going to the library there. They all go there with a specific purpose and come across Sayori Komachi, a librarian, who is hiding behind a department. She is an attractive lady, with a giant face, who knows how to find the perfect book for each of them after asking one question: “What are you looking for?”
  • Because among these characters we have a young girl who wants to learn about computers to get the job she wants, an unbeatable guy in manga who downplays his talent as a designer or even a retiree who wonders what he can do with his spare days and who wants to learn GO. And there’s Natsume, the character that touched me the most. She was put in the closet after maternity leave. She is overwhelmed with her daily life and famous mental load.
  • Because thanks to this librarian, everyone can tell themselves that they are not useless and that they should not underestimate themselves. They all have the right to a small amount of money, savings and happiness. I appreciate the opportunity for new encounters and opportunities that can make everything evolve. Then we find out that without knowing it, a small bond can unite each other. It is a novel full of serenity and charity. If you liked While the Coffee Is Still Hot, you can enjoy this novel just as much.

The basics in two minutes

the plot. They are five to take the step of the small library run by Sayuri Komachi in the heart of Tokyo. Their common point: They are at a crossroads in their lives. Per Sayori Komachi, a mysterious librarian attentive to others, will present a completely unexpected work.

Personalities. Five characters and their relatives. Sayori Komachi, a strange librarian.

sites. Tokyo. Social center and library.

the time. Nowadays.

author. Michiko Aoyama is a Japanese novelist from Aichi Prefecture. Her novel topped the bestseller lists in Japan for several weeks.

This book was read with Sweet curiosity. It is a good and enjoyable novel. A novel that talks about life and books, from which I have noticed many literary references to extend this reading experience.

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