#Bookmark June 15, 2022: Echoes of Books Collected by Annemarie Revol

#Bookmark June 15, 2022: Echoes of Books Collected by Annemarie Revol

New issue of Marque-Page: The writer hiding behind her four pictures bears the name of a famous Austrian actress. Aude Marzin, a bookseller specializing in children’s literature, in Paris, in Jeux, lis, là, invites us to read forest memory, by Mickaël Brun-Arnaud, published by L’Ecole des loisirs. As for Instagrammers, they recommend us with charm and awe MazesWritten by Frank Telles.

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The writer who hides behind her four pictures this week has her roots everywhere: in Romania, Alsace, Haiti and … Provence. She graduated from Sciences Po Paris and Center for Journalists Training, and has worked in many prestigious media outlets such as MarianAnd the ReleaseAnd the Channel +And the France InterAnd the RTL or France 5. Today’s senior reporter in Mond, is one of the best analysts in the French political world. She has authored numerous articles and alienated Nicolas Sarkozy’s former boss, Patrick Buisson, to whom she has dedicated a scathing book and documentary with colleague Ariane Shemen. Her book about her “martyr” cousin. The last tango in Paris It was directed by Italian director Bernado Bertolucci, and has competed for the most valuable literary prizes such as Femina and the Renault. His latest book tells the murderous saga of Joel Oberon, a member of Direct Action, a far-left group that incited the assassination of George Pace in 1986. This story reads like a whodunnit. Thrilling story on the wire, chilling and… amazing.

The bookseller holds a nugget!

Aud Marzin, who works in Paris, discovers in Jeux, lis, là, the novel our children will devour this summer. jungle memoriesFrom Michael Brun-Arno, It is an impressive and wonderful book on Alzheimer’s disease. However, he is not sad. “Ferdinand Taub who lives in the woods of Belle Cork comes one day to see his friend Archibald Fox, a bookseller of utterly destroyed BelleCork wood.” Since suffering from amnesia, Ferdinand has desperately tried to get hold of the book he wrote to compile his memoirs, in order to remember the things he did and the people he loved. Unfortunately, there is only one copy, which was delivered in the library years ago. But, a mysterious client just left… Using old photos, Archibald and Ferdinand embark in his footsteps into the woods, on a journey to the frontiers of dreams, memories, and reality. “This text (…) is animated, full of kindness and allows you to discover a little about the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease.” A comprehensive success inhabited by animals more humane than nature! Special mention of the drawings signed by the painter Sanoi: they are of rare delicacy…

Book invitees invite us on a journey through the labyrinth of madness!

with MazesPublished by Fleuve Noir, Frank Thilliez completes the horrific trilogy he started incomplete manuscript keep it up twice every time. Once again, Instagrammers have joined this incredible story! It all begins with the discovery of a victim disfigured by poker strokes in a secluded chalet. “Nothing very complicated in appearance, but the main suspect does not remember anything”, select @_serial_reader_. All this clearly does not suit the taste of Inspector Kamil Nijinsky, who will have to delve into the past of this woman with strange amnesia. Then it opens up a story that is as revolting as it is twisted. It is undoubtedly the most unusual thing for the detective to hear about her entire career. “The novel is full of riddles, homophones, and anagrams. It deals with topics dear to the author such as memory, the workings and the complexity of the human brain, to name a few.”specify unvietoutesimple. “I am speechless and in deep shock (…) He’s crazy, he’s hard, he’s raw, but he’s pure genius!”ureleslecturesdemissm!

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