TPMP: Matthieu Delormeau attaque Laurent Ruquier devant Hugo Manos !

TPMP: Mathieu DeLormo attacks Laurent Roquier before Hugo Manos!

At TPMP People, Matthieu Delormeau dropped a small shovel toward Laurent Ruquier, much to the chagrin of Hugo Manos.

On Saturday, June 11th, Mathieu DeLormo was teasing host Laurent Roquier by sending him small spades on TPMP. What annoys his companion Hugo Manos. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP: Matteo Delormo is used to adventures

The TPMP plateau is notorious for its lack of lace. In fact, every night Columnists discuss without filters on the news And it’s not tender. This is the case of Matteo Delormo. He never had his tongue in his pocket.

Often on the TPMP, the columnist caused quite a stir with these remarks. Lately, he’s had fun Pascal Sutens provocationKnown as Big Brother Pascal. Matthew Delormo insulted Pascal Sutens. He said in particular: Hey man, Fury starts from 1.80 meters, sit down. »

This isn’t the only time Matteo Delormo has featured in the TPMP group. On June 9, Cyril Hanoun forced it He was kicked out of the show.

the reason ? After a discussion about the French language, Matteo Delormo didn’t want to apologize For Cyril affectionate despite his mistake.

“You’re all going to shut your mouths now. I want an apology. – Investigator: in charge of the investigation. – Researcher: the person responsible for conducting surveys and surveys.Explanation of Cyril Hanouna. Despite the exact definition, Matteo Delormo did not recognize his mistakes.

So Mukhtar, a TPMP security guard, kicked him out of the group. This Saturday, June 11, Matteo Delormo made himself again on TPMP People.

Criticize the offer We are alive By Laurent Ruquier, who dissatisfied Hugo Manos. MCE TV tells you more.

Hugo Manos defends his comrade

This Saturday, June 11th. TPMP People is hosted by Matteo Delormo. During one of the debates, he then took on some criticism of the show We are alive by Laurent Ruquier.

« They did the most boring show in the world that day which moreover made 600,000 spectators did not understand”Then explain the facilitator. What Hugo Manos, companion of Laurent Roquier, did not appreciate.

« It will explain why you find it boring too »Then the columnist replied. « But he defends his bone, huh! »And the So Matteo Delormo added.

The discussion does not end there. In fact, Hugo Manos added a layer. « No, but it’s a matter of perspective! There are those who might not find it boring.”added on TPMP.

Always a provocateur, Matteo Delormo did not leave him. « Well, there were so many of us, I earned 600,000… sorry, huh. »

In the face of Hugo Manos’ annoyance, He wanted to tone down his notes. « Come on I’m kidding! It was a joke, oh…”confessed, while Hugo Manos stated: ” Well, if it was boring, it was to give a glimpse of what will happen next year. ambiance…

This isn’t the first time Hugo Manos has supported Laurent Ruquier on TPMP. In fact, Hugo Manos defended his sweetheart about a Possible quarrel with Leah Salameh.

“There is no problem with Lea Salama. So he likes to be alone in the controls. It’s a bit complicated with the Léa product and it all makes him a little bit surprising. He has no problems with the channel, and will continue to perform the other two shows, But on a Saturday night it can stop.”announced.

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