The Journey to Hellfest, 'Thriller' Before 'Holy Land'

The Journey to Hellfest, ‘Thriller’ Before ‘Holy Land’

“A slow and gradual rise in excitement before immersing body and soul in another world.” These are the words Lio chose to describe the 700 km of car he is about to swallow with a friend to reach Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) from his village of Haute-Loire. Like tens of thousands of people from the four corners of France and Europe, the 44-year-old real estate agent is already running at full speed even if the 15th edition of Hellfest, this year’s biggest extreme music festival over two weekends, doesn’t really start Until Friday. And it’s far from the only one: many metal fans (dismissed for two years due to the pandemic) who responded to the call for witnesses from 20 minutes He emphasized that the event does not start with the first guitar beats but as soon as they are seated in the car, plane or train in the direction of their “holy land”.

“At the time of departure, we get some euphoria: We check the car one last time and take the road on our festival playlist,” says Alexander, 25. While many take the opportunity to re-listen to classics, offer “nuggets” to car users, or improve Run commandDon’t forget to look through the glass to glide through mid-air. As the motorway service areas advance, the blue skies on the Cote d’Azur get dark. Travelers who take a break grow hair longer and their clothes adorn their clothes with skeletons and other names that can’t be pronounced from Norwegian black teams A look, a smile and a little hand sign of confession, devil horns…Yes, we’re on the right track! Arno, who has been on the road for the twelfth time, remembers: “We sometimes meet inappropriately, like one year when the members of the Morbid Angel group were They shop.”

Rock’n’roll on the train

It’s not just gas stations where you can feel the atmosphere of Hellfest. This Thursday, as in a few editions, a fleet of about 3,000 hellbangers will set out on specially chartered SNCF trains, departing from Paris and Lyon. As in the extra TER scheduled to return to Nantes in the evening (at a cost of €5), the atmosphere promises to be rock ‘n’ roll again. “In addition to the planned activities, some are bringing in speakers, having a snack and have already started building relationships to settle together at the camp site, SNCF tells us. They immerse themselves right in the atmosphere even if some prefer to rest and enjoy their last moments of sleep!”

This will certainly be the case for Lionel, who will cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane. “I’ve been waiting for it for two years, two years until I get my place, stamping at his feet. In the meantime, my family life has developed, I am in Quebec! But it was inconceivable that I would miss this party.” He too will still have a little flair since this year , a giant guitar was installed in the front yard of Nantes Atlantic Airport to welcome about 10,000 festival-goers who would come by air.

But the moment all these people have been waiting for, sometimes with “some buzz before his time,” is clearly the arrival of Cleison’s Inferno. For some, it’s “the excitement that increases as you approach the rotor of the guitar.” For others, the prospect of “full of nose in Leclerc” or an aperitif offered by strangers “during a traffic jam on arrival, two kilometers in 30 minutes” or at the campsite, which occupies thoughts. And once the bracelet is put on, the feeling is: ‘Finally I’m home! ‘ ‘ , continues Arnault. ‘Here we are at the most important weekend of the year,’ Alexander sums up.

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