Oh beautiful and great Blue Like Summer!

Oh beautiful and great Blue Like Summer!

Anne-So “Echos de Mots”, a youth literary blog and contributor to the reading group 20 minutes Books, I advise you blue like summer Written by Marie-Lynn Fouquet, published 1 June 2022 by Éditions Sarbacane.

His favorite quote:

What love it, shake it beauty! It’s always bigger than her. It is as if all the feelings she had constantly experienced, with which she was able to live more or less easily, had, in the face of art, the right to exist together, to burst without damage under the skin. Beauty has always helped Prudence in making decisions.

Why this book?

  • Because blue like summer It might just be a perfect read To start your summer! In this Young Contemporary by Marie-Lynn Fouquet, the reader will meet Prudence, a hypersensitive young woman who is about to experience a crushing summer. When she’s just failed a photo contest and got rejected from her dream school, the young woman also must face facts: the man she loves spends his time running away from her. On a whim, she then decided to accept an amazing summer job.
  • Because this three-month mission is to follow up on Dylan, Passionate surfer, take many photos of him for his Instagram feed. If living in a truck with a man who is often much older and confusing at first seems like a real punishment for the young woman, then the life of the Bedouins and the encounters that take place on the way can surprise her.
  • Because I sat down to read the first chapter of this novel And I finally found myself reading it all at once, unable to put down such a new, funny, and well-written reading. The writer juggles the talent between the heroine’s fears and insecurities, slices of laughter between girlfriends, broken hearts, and life-changing encounters. As we read on, we forget that the characters are anything but paper and we can feel the iodine and the sun on their skin.
  • Because blue like summer It is above all a meeting Which allows our heroine to control her life and dreams. Her development over the course of the novel has been powerful and subtle, and her pursuit of love, identity, and life is a timeless and universal theme. This novel is also an ode to the sea, surf, summer and freedom and makes you want to leave everything behind to travel the roads of France in a truck with good company.
  • Because blue like summer It’s a page flip Where every page evokes emotion in you. Take the heroine on a holiday-and-wax-scented journey and meet horribly lovable, colorful characters. A detour on the southern beaches is guaranteed without sunburn!

The basics in two minutes

the plot. After a series of disappointments, Prudence agrees to pursue a summer surfer and live in his truck. His job is to portray the man to his social networks. Surprisingly, she can learn a lot about herself during the hectic summer.

Personalities. Wisdom is a young woman who often lets herself be invaded by her own fears and superstitions. Dylan is a guy with a passion for surfing who is superficial and sometimes insensitive at first glance but will reveal himself as completely different.

sites. The novel takes place in France, from La Rochelle to Biarritz via Biscarros.

the time. The story takes place over the course of the summer, when the college history class is over and the heroine discovers that she is not accepted into her dream school.

author. After studying modern literature, Marie-Lynn Fouquet became a school teacher and then a specialist tutor for students with special educational needs and is now an author. She has written about fifteen books for children and teens.

This book was read with Have fun by Anne Sue Equus de Mots, blogger on children’s and teen literature. “For me, reading can be such a personal pleasure that one takes refuge as an excuse to discuss and meet other readers. I am a lover of words and always interested in new discoveries.”

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