Our Pick to Celebrate Music Without Going Out (Under the Storms)

Our Pick to Celebrate Music Without Going Out (Under the Storms)

Music – The episode of the heat wave left us behind. Phew? Not right. Since Monday, June 20, the rain has returned to France. And this Tuesday, June 21, the date of the Fête de la Musique, will not be very different: Météo-France has put 25 departments on orange alert.

Although Ile-de-France residents will be able to take to the streets to dance and listen to music without an umbrella, there is the danger of being welcomed into Vichy at the end of the day. Lyon, Bourges, Belfort, Toulouse and Biarritz are threatened by storms.

The prefectures, in the Gironde and Charente, have announced a ban on the music festival after 10pm in the open air. The party was canceled entirely in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, near Bordeaux, and at Oloron-Saint-Marie, in Béarn. In Dordogne and Haute-Vienne, authorities are asking “not to underestimate the weather” and recommending “greater vigilance” during festivities, without bans.

Do you want to stay dry at home? Le Half Post He picked seven music shows for you to watch on TV or on streaming platforms to celebrate music without getting wet, here it is.

Dadju, Nolwenn Leroy, Kungs, but also Zaz, Bigflo, Oli … This Tuesday, June 21, and like every year, France 2 broadcasts the big concert organized by France Télévisions with an audience of French artists. The evening is hosted by Garou and Laury Tillemann and should take place in front of 15,000 spectators in Montpellier.

Although Carol Delga, president of the Occitanie region, confirms that the gathering will be until the 40th anniversary of Music Day, viewers will be able to check it out from 9:10 p.m. on the Public Service Channel.

  • new school (Netflix)

It’s the talent show everyone’s talking about. And for good reason, this is the first time in France that a music competition is dedicated to rap. Inspired by the American style Rhythm and flow From Netflix or South Korean format Show me the moneyfeaturing three industry stars (SCH, Shay, and Niska) as jurors.

Freestyles en équipe, battles, des invités de renom, comme JUL, Youssoupha ou L’Algérino, et 100.000 euros à la clé… Sept épisodes sont pour l’instant disponibles, celui de la grande finale sera mis en ligne ce jeudi 23 June.

  • Jennifer Lopez: The first half (Netflix)

“I’ve struggled all my life to be heard, seen, and taken seriously.” These are the words of Jennifer Lopez in a documentary dedicated to her that was released on Netflix in mid-June. He follows a defining moment in his career: his first-half gig during the 2020 Super Bowl.

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez is no longer just a prominent dancer, love-song singer or businesswoman. She now intends to defend her political ideas on stage, even if it means facing the NFL to enforce it. The documentary doesn’t evade any of that.

  • Sopranos: To life, to death (Disney +)

After Orelsan, it was Soprano’s turn to have her own documentary series. From his childhood in Marseille to the inception of his group Psy 4 de la Rime, through his solo success: the six episodes shed new light on a translator’s career crazy and the relationship he has with his three best friends, Mathieu, Jamali and Meg.

Archived photos, unpublished interviews … can be found on the Disney + platform since mid-June.

  • In the Beatles waiting room (Arte.tv)

The story of the four boys in the wind, we know it. Those of Frieda Kelly’s secretary, just below. Ryan White fills a gap and tells the story of one of the group’s greatest fans, this anonymous who has worked her whole life in the shadows overseeing the fan club to 70,000 members and reporting on the Fab Four.

Here the main interested party presents her memories and version of the story in unique testimony. It has been available for free on Arte since June 14.

  • Un Jaku: Notre Rock! (OCS)

Released in 2019, Japanese director Kenji Iwasawa’s animated film tells the story of three high school students, three boys who rule the school. One day, someone discovered music and decided to involve his two friends in this discovery. Problem: They can’t play an instrument. It won’t stop them. They are determined to break through.

Adapted from a manga about youth and its energy, the feature film “celebrates the power of deep rock, with a touch of madness and plenty of humor,” according to Telerama. It will be seen with the family on OCS since June.

Who will be able to preserve our beautiful buildings after all humans are gone? In a thin, nine-minute short film, directors Ugo Benveno and Felix de Geoffrey imagine robots programmed to accomplish this task.

their movie the interview It follows someone at the Paris Opera who, every time he ends his day, prefers to sit on the abandoned chairs in the theater to watch the hologram of an elderly dancer rehearsing on stage. A mixture of past and future to watch on MUBI (or for free on the YouTube page of the Opéra national de Paris).

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