Morbius: Jared Leto's vampire is a disgrace to Marvel and a disaster for Sony

Morbius: Jared Leto’s vampire is a disgrace to Marvel and a disaster for Sony

After a humble start and a quick crash at the box office, Morbius It underscores Sony’s debacle and further jeopardizes the already volatile Spider-Verse studio.

Only a few months later Spider-Man: There is no room for home It became the biggest success ever for Sony Pictures, Getting out of Morbius He has everything from the violent coup medal. Building on the success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and excitement about Marvel’s Multiverse, the studio promised to expand Spider-Verse with a new character, but also to bring the universe a little closer to the MCU by restoring Vulture by Michael Keaton introduced in Spider-Man: There is no room for homewhile winking at events Spider-Man: Far From Home.

but unlike poison and others poison 2 which compensated for their negative reviews and failed ambitions with a strong box office, Vampire Jared Leto broke his teeth in theaterswhich slightly further weakens Sony’s “extended” universe.

Declared shipwreck

From the start, it seemed unlikely that that would happen Morbius He has the same success as poison, the first Spider-Verse movie and first in the franchise starring Tom Hardy. If the symbiote is among the most emblematic of Spider-Man’s enemies and has been disseminated among the general public in spider man 3 By Sam Raimi, Physician Michael Morbius is the most novel villain in the world of Spider-Manwhich primarily had a guest appearance in the 1994 anime series.

Take a semi-unidentified super-villain to the battalion and headline Jared Leto after shouting and taunting the Joker in suicide squad It wasn’t Probably not the best sales or promotional arguments To sell the project to the public.

Nor these types of images…

In addition to the anti-hero’s lack of fame, Morbius He was also a victim of the epidemic Which has hit the industry hard since the beginning of 2020. The film directed by Daniel Espinosa was originally scheduled for release on August 5, 2020, but was pushed back to 2021 and then 2022, with five reports counting that required the promotional campaign to be re-launched several times, with adaptations to films Marvel released in the meantime.

At some point, the movie was scheduled to land before Poison: Let there be a massacre and others Spider-Man: No way home, But it didn’t land in theaters until April 1, 2022 in the US, more than two years after the first trailer aired and a few months after the opening of the multiverse that was consequently forced to blend into the story. However, the trailer for the movie that confirmed the existence of the eagle was in fact False advertisement since the villainHomecoming He only appears in a shameful post-credits scene Morbius Who wouldn’t care about fans and any sort of consistency between Spider-Verse and the MCU, which has partially benefited from its disastrous theatrical trajectory.

Morbius: missing photoThe ugly lie to get the crowd excited

wrong start

and lo Morbius Not a very attractive character on paper, Previews in the US the day before the national release still fetch $5.7 million. This is clearly far from the 50 million dollars I raised No going back home In the preview, only half of the first receipts of poison and others poison 2but outperforms those of the company’s other films, including Unknown (3.7 million) or Ghostbusters: Legacy (4.5 million).

So the enthusiasm of the North American audience wasn’t quite the same as that of the MCU movie, but it wasn’t lacking either. However, the first expectations have been double-edged since then followed by negative feedbackespecially from the more lenient influencers who were not subject to any ban.

Morbius: Jared Leto's photoNormal skin reaction after viewing

unsurprisingly, Morbius So he only made $39 million in his first weekend of operation, a little more than the 33 million Sony projected (which we can imagine after we deliberately underestimated the numbers so that the bathroom looks less icy). The result, however, is not glorious: by comparison, poison raised more than 80 million dollars to open the house and poison 2 More than 90 million.

And so the movie had the worst start for Marvel – Spider-Verse and the MCU combined – even though it had the most distribution in the region for its opening with 4,200 theaters available. The vampire also made use of a clear sticker with it Batman At the end of her fourth week of training.

Morbius: Photo, Jared Letobadman

On the other hand, even if the result is hectic, Morbius Shrink less than some Marvel or DC superheroes The Fantastic Four from 2015 which only made 24 million to launch, or recently wild birds (33 million), suicide squad (26 million) and new mutants and 7 million, although the context of the pandemic has contributed to these missed dates.

But further evidence that the audience didn’t catch it: soon Sonic 2 landed the following week, Morbius It collapsed while recording Audience drop by 73% which is a new record for films of this genre Before X-Men: Dark Phoenix (-71.5%) and others suicide squad (-71.5%). To find a bigger drop in the second week, you have to go straight back to the movie. Solid 1997 which suffered a loss of nearly 78% of spectators.

Morbius: photoMorbius, or How to reassess the Suicide Squad on the Rise


and lo Morbius It has a budget below the average blockbuster – $75 million excluding marketing costs compared to $100 million for poison or 200 million for No going back home and others dark phoenix -, the flop in the movie wasn’t consumed for all that. Throughout her theatrical career, He made against the champ only $73 million from homewhich is less than wild birds (84 million) and both poison (213 million each), but more than new mutants (23 million), suicide squad (55 million) or The Fantastic Four (56 million).

Morbius: Photo, Matt SmithJust a reminder that this scene exists

The failure was more convincing at the global box office level, with the overseas exploit bringing in just $90 million (compared to $117 million for wild birds186 million for dark phoenix or 111 million suicide squad). The film was not distributed in the Chinese market, ignoring a huge financial gain (269 million dollars to poison In China alone 59 million Dark Phoenix).

And therefore, Box office all over the world Morbius Only 163 million dollarsless than wild birds (201 million), dark phoenix (250 million), The Fantastic Four (167 million) and up suicide squad (167 million also), while he had to pass $225 million to reach his profitability point. next to poison 2 At $506 million despite the epidemic and ban in China, as well as the first segment at 856 million, the disappointment is massive for Sony.

Morbius: Photo, Jared LetoNeither Matt Smith nor Jared Leto’s box saved the film


If we could always find worse results elsewhere (especially on the part of new mutants), the occasional flip of the X-Men (like that of dark phoenix) in the end had little effect on the X-Men saga, anyway doomed to reboot to be fully integrated into the MCU. The two projects were sacrificed and somehow vacated by Disney after the Fox takeover, not as the starting point for a new series or a major new branch of a rapidly expanding universe. unlike Morbiuswhose original story clearly left the door open for him The highly hacked sequel.

Rather than indifference, the film in the first place generated so many mockery on social networks that Sony – right on capture – thought it was seeing a real resurgence of interest and that’sRe-release in 1,037 theaters could save the box office – Although it is already available on VOD in the US. Except that those who mocked the movie with cool memes and GIFs on Twitter apparently didn’t go to movie theaters to rehash themselves for an hour and 45 minutes.

Morbius: photoThe final blow to Morbius

killer according to ForbesThis return to the big screen just paid off A paltry $300,000, less than $300 a roomAnd the Top Gun: Maverick Having monopolized 75% of national revenue over the weekend it resurfaced. More violent slap when No going back home About to hit theaters again. In addition to nibbling a potential franchise in the bud, the failure of Morbius It’s also a cruel blow to the universe that relies solely on Venom’s antics and the hope that one day Spider-Man will join Spider-Verse.

The shoddy movie also supports the idea that Sony’s Marvel movies are just by-products of the MCU, which are based on unknown and identified characters. next one, Craven the fisherman and others Madame Webwill crawl on a wire to get to the cinema and be critical about the future of a universe that is already threatening to collapse in on itself because of a single movie.

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