Elton John's first farewell: A horrible two-hour show in front of an unbridled audience

Elton John’s first farewell: A horrible two-hour show in front of an unbridled audience

we were there – Before returning to Bercy in June 2023 for his last Parisian dates, the English pop star gave two spectacular concerts at La Défense Arena.

Announced January 2018, Elton John’s farewell tour, dubbed Farwell Yellow Brock Road Tour – It was due to end in 2021. This was without counting on the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a groin injury for the singer, forcing the production to postpone several dates. So far, the experiment will end next summer, five years after it began. Before returning to Bercy in June 2023 for his last Parisian dates, Elton John was at La Defense Arena on June 11-12. This Sunday, he performed his 60th concert in the capital. “I have fond memories of a series of concerts at the Champs-Elysees theater in 1979”, He even set out in a vibrant tribute to France. “You know, I own a house in Nice”, even explained.

One minute after the announced time, i.e. at 7:01 p.m., the show can start, on the sound of its resume Pinball Wizard subordinate From in the sound. Sitting at the piano, in an embroidered suit, he began his seventies Penny and planes, one of his most emotional compositions. Slowing the rhythm, hitting the strings hard, the artist was already holding on to the assembly. Despite the scandalous acoustics, 32,000 spectators, whose average age was quite high, retained the victory of the showman. Production is the same at Bercy in 2019, with three giant screens in the background. In turn, we will see Benetton-worthy photos from the 80s, photos of Martin Barr, certainly taken from the singer’s personal collection, and other films for his glory.

“I am so happy to be here tonight,” He will say in cooking in English. Amazing song list. Twenty songs are drawn from the golden age of the singer’s career, from the early 1970s to the mid-2000s. The only exception is in the form of Bad Taste, the horrible hypothetical duo with Dua Lipa in the mix in between health and others rocket man Allow Elton John to assert that he is proud to have had such a hit at the age of 75 under the title cold heart52 years after her debut.

Bible history border song, played on the piano voice is dedicated to Aretha Franklin, which I interpreted. If Elton John sings superbly, his aggressive piano playing produces an often unpleasant sound, amplified by the unfortunate sound system of the room. Moreover, the singer will throw a spade at his sound engineer during the concert. little dancerA piece from 1971 rehabilitated by film always famous In 2000, it is one of the highlights of the evening.

Elton John has only nice words about his music wearing black suits and ties, which he brings up pretty often. Nigel Olson, on drums, has been playing with him since… 1969! Scottish guitarist Davy Johnston joined in 1972. Percussionist Ray Cooper, the star of the evening, has been by Elton John’s since 1973! All standards written by Bernie Tobin and composed by a play pianist are there: rocket man registered in the Paris region at the beginning of the seventies, Take me to the pilotAnd the Someone saved my life tonight And her Heavenly Acoustic Harmony… but also LevonMore American song than nature. Funeral for a friendthe role of the opening medium Goodby Yellow Brick Roadthe star’s most beloved album, is an excuse for a deluge of sound and a first look change: embroidered pink glasses, a slightly less kitsch jacket than the first.

To show his enthusiasm, Elton John stroked the piano cover loudly before getting up to take a few steps. At the age of seventy-five, after many health problems, the man moves with difficulty. This does not affect his musical faculties in any way. The great pianist, the great singer, showed no weakness in more than two hours of performance. Few of the stories in the repertoire give pride in the more distant stature of rock music for an artist whose inspiration has largely diminished since the mid-1980s. your songwho made him known to the whole world in 1970, returned to the stage in a bathrobe, before concluding his speech Goodbye yellow paved roadthe type of song that testifies to the greatness of the character.

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