Les trognes du Perche au cœur d

Literature – trognes du Perche at the heart of a book by Dominique Mansion

Dominic’s Palace is the builder of the botanical house and trognes path in Boursay (Loir-et-Cher). He’s been passionate about facials for over 20 years. This is his third book on the subject.

Why are you someday interested in faces? They are part of my childhood landscape. On my father’s small farm of about fifteen hectares, in Chauvigny-du-Berch, in Loire-et-Cher, there were cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and also walnuts everywhere in the hedges of the bushes. I remember seeing my father chopping them with an axe.

I played in it like many country children because regular pruning of the tree forms a small plateau that makes it possible to form a hut. And then, I was astonished by their features. I am an artist who has not left me indifferent. (empty)

This is your third book about faces, how is it different from others? The first was a basic book that talks about faces in a global way, their presence in art, their history, and their origin. This one is really for a big trognes in Birchi, as they are a notable feature of this area, especially the hornbeam and oak which are the most common in the bocage. In addition to pictures of David Cominshall, the book is rich in local icons with old postcards, and paintings can be found in museums.

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Relive the 1970s in Dreux in never-before-seen photos

The great oak of Meaucé called the magnificent tree is trogne. The circumference of this more than 600-year-old necked oak is 14.30 meters.

Compared to other regions, is Birchi the most face-to-face?
They were in every area. What is interesting is that the word trogne belongs to birch. Elsewhere, they are called tadpole, face, head, arrogant, anomalous tree… I have been interested in these trees for 25 years and have listed 250 different names across France. This indicates the importance they had for the peasants.

What is the purpose of using the bags? The trognes were located mainly in the hedge, it was a peasant forest, a forest inaccessible to livestock, a kind of forest on stilts. Depending on the uses and types, pruning cycles vary. When one consults the rural leases of Birch, one notices that volumes were done every 8 or 9 years to make an anomaly, it was an exceptional production used in ovens for baking, cooking, etc. For the rough face, each year has been in the basketry industry, and the establishment of links. (empty)

Are you still using?
Some farmers and ranchers continue to prune them for firewood, but a large amount of the stems have disappeared. With the arrival of fossil fuels, especially fuel oil, interest in wood declined and these trees were abandoned. The mechanization of agriculture also contributed to their disappearance. Plots were expanded, and tree trunks, such as high-stemmed orchards and hedges, suffered from this agricultural development.

How can we maintain it?
Today, wood from logs can be valued in various ways, not in bundles, their uses are very limited, but by crushing, as for wood from fences, to produce shredded lumber for boilers. One use that is newer and more advanced, the use of mulch as bedding for animals. This is a huge saving for breeders who don’t have a lot of hay. (empty)

Is it easy to recreate a face?
This is a topic I address in this book. I explain how to create one, because there is an urgent need today. Trees fix excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and turn it into wood, and this local energy wood is a plus for the planet. With age, the trunks form cavities that harbor a number of remarkable species that no longer find opportunities to breed or shelter in the treeless landscape.

The Birch Seen from Heaven by David Kommenshall

On a young tree, it is necessary to cut the crown and side branches to encourage the appearance of shoots that will make the wood of the future trunk. Then you have to prune regularly. It can also be created by cuttings of willow and poplar, by taking a sprig and planting it in the ground. For two years, I provide training to farmers and individuals all over France with the French Association of Agroforestry.

How do you see them?
They are precious trees for nature and humans. They have an amazing personality. Like them Van Gogh and many other painters. Victor Hugo and George Sand talked about it. These trees are as part of our heritage as churches, home and palaces. Trunks are a living heritage that exists only through a relationship of loyalty with the humans who carve them.

Practice. “Trognes, Figures of Birch Peasants” Offered for sale in all bookshops in Birch. Also on the Éditions de l’Étrave website, La Talbotière in Igé (Orne): contact@editions-etrave.fr or www.editions-etrave.fr. Percheron photographer David Comenchal took many of the photos in the book. 120 pages, 24 euros.

Etrave publishing house was established in 1992.
Based in La Talbotière in Igé (Orne), it publishes Books on Birch, Lower Normandy, Sarthe, Vendé, fine books as well as historical books. “This is the first time we’ve published a book by Dominique Mansion. And I found it an interesting way to talk about birches, through a topic that isn’t covered much, yet very present in birches. We talk a lot about the Percheron horse, the mansions, but we don’t often talk about About the boxes, which are an important element of the landscape”, emphasizes editor Manuel Thierry.
Éditions de l’Étrave has been published, among other things Le Mans, 60sby Serge Bertin and Drew, our seventies, Written by Didier Leblatt and Pierre Fresonet.

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