Emeric Caron, Laurent Buffy, Frances Lalanne... What is the result of TV personalities in legislative elections?

Emeric Caron, Laurent Buffy, Frances Lalanne… What is the result of TV personalities in legislative elections?

Punishment of voters is irreversible. On Sunday, a number of media personalities competed in the first round of the legislative elections. puremedias.com Reviews the scores of each of them.

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Elimination of the winner of “Koh-Lanta” in the first round

The big winner of the 2003 edition with her adventure companion Delphine, Isabelle Seguin is part of the highly closed club of “Koh-Lanta” adventurers who never experienced elimination. Nineteen years later, voters for Al-Ain’s fourth district, in which it will contest the presidential majority coalition together, extinguished its flame in the first round. The sexual girl came third with 16.34% of the vote. It is preceded by the candidate of the National Rally, Jerome Poisson (24.82% of the vote), and the candidate for La France insoumise, invested by the new Popular, Environmental and Social Union (Nupes), Philippe Lerda (17.38% of the vote). voice). Stephane Trumpel, the outgoing MP invested by La République en Marche in 2017, received only 9.40% of the vote.

Frances Lalanne crowds the little Charente

A holy blow to the vanity of former Narcisse Lalanne translator in “Fort Boyard”. Singer Frances Lalanne, a yellow-jacket figure and a candidate under the environmentalists label, received 957 votes, or 2.13% of the vote, in Charente’s third district. In eighth place on the ballot, he finished far away from the National Rally representative, Caroline Colombier (23.05%), and his counterpart from the presidential majority Sylvie Mucur (20.43%).

Gerald Dahan: 507 Votes From Rehabilitation at Charente Maritime

And in the Fort Boyard circuit, comedian Gerald Dahan received 507 votes to advance to the second round. With 21.07% of the vote, a Nobis representative came third in the Charente Maritime 3rd district behind Jean-Philippe Ardoin, candidate for Alliance Together! (24.53%) and Natalie Collard from the National Rally (22.30%).

A slap to the sniper Laurent Buffy in Paris

The most famous sniper of the Pakistan Air Force in the first decade of the twenty-first century did not find favor with the voters in the third district of Paris (17th and 18th arrondissements). Thierry Ardisson’s ex-boyfriend came in seventh on France 2’s “Everybody Talks About It” on France 2. He persuaded, on behalf of the Animal Party Wearing His Colors, only 863 voters, or 2.18% of the vote cast. In this district, Léa Balage El Mariky (Nupes) leads with 38.66% of the vote, ahead of the outgoing deputy and general delegate of the Renaissance (new name La République en Marche), Stanislas Guérini (32.5%).

Emeric Caron at the gates of the assembly

Laurent Ruquier’s former columnist Aymeric Caron crossed the line on the front on the evening of the first round with 45.05% of the vote in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. In a very favorable ballot, the anti-gender activist, former character of “We Don’t Lie” in France 2, will face outgoing MP Pierre-Yves Bornazel (Squad!), who received 35.57% of the vote, Sunday, June 19.

Charles Concini was disqualified from the final in Evelyn

He also exploded by saying, “We don’t lie.” Former France 2 columnist Charles Concini failed to make it out of the first round in Evelyn’s 4th arrondissement. The former “big mouth” of RMC and supporting Valérie Pécresse, the candidate for Les Républicains in the presidential race, received 12.77% of the vote. He is ahead of outgoing Representative Marie Liebeck (42.34%) and competitor Noobs Céline Bourdon (24.93%).

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