Grant Morrison has offered Marvel Studios to write two films for Doctor Strange and Moon Knight |

Grant Morrison has offered Marvel Studios to write two films for Doctor Strange and Moon Knight |

Recently, writing rolling rock Had a chance to talk to him Grant Morrison, a rather nice exchange. An interview that has no purpose but to allow Morrison They express themselves on different topics, from their relationship to Ezra Miller Until his retraining as a screenwriter for the TV industry, his opinion of the situation Superman chez Warner Bros. and their sexual identity. So much so that I can hardly remember substack screenwriter,”xanadium‘, a forum in blog form that (yet) does not offer original comics.

Invisible Projects

Morrison Take the opportunity to discuss his brief passage through the buildings Marvel Studios There is quite a distance, without giving specific details of the year of this meeting with studio critics. except this Kevin Feige He wasn’t a boss yet, which means the script writer had to deal with him Avi AradFounder Marvel Studios And a product that has all the different benefits Spider Man.

He was already a comic book star at the time, and because he was an inspiration for movie scripts in one form or another matrix sisters WachowskiAnd the Morrison He was going to propose two distinct projects for an unknown producer, Dr. Gharib on one side and moon knight from the last. Two heroes are able to fall very quickly into narcotics or insanity, according to the author’s obsessions. It was interesting to see a profile Magical Supreme fails in his hands, given his connection to the chaos magic, rituals, and hallucinogenic visions that had already stimulated writing invisible chez vertigo.

“Long before it really started, before Kevin Feige stepped in, I knew the guys in charge and I routed them to Dr. Strange, and then I routed them to Moon Knight. But they never told us. We took it seriously, because we came from the world of comics. Their answer was something like “We have to do these projects with our own teams.” They’ve now come up with their formula and it’s working really well, but at the time the tune was “It’s up to people in Hollywood to work on these movies, not you weird comic book guys.” But hey, you You know that never stopped them from stealing our ideas (laughs). They’re very happy to pick your pockets whenever they need something. I had a great show for Dr. Strange, but of course they took another direction.”


“There are some really good superhero movies out there. I’m really excited about Thor: Love & Thunder. I love this part of their production, which is colourful, and movies that look like Marvel comics. I’m not so keen on that one that approaches things at street level. Obviously that’s what would have happened. The idea of ​​an optimistic and utopian future has been reduced, and we have convinced ourselves that we live in a world that is already doomed to the future. So I think people are clinging to that last tip – “Who knows, maybe we’ll become superhuman, maybe we’ll beat it all.” But the truth is that these images we are presented with are very childish, and our fear of the future drives us back to the past, everyone is retelling stories, recycling characters who came to their power there long ago, which is the definition of cultural stagnation.

However, I think it’s also the last spark of light for a number of reasons in the midst of a pop culture that’s still trending toward darkness and darkness. But we need something new.”

In the same interview, Morrison It also mentions the case ofEzra MillerWho has suggested a movie? flash Back when the project seemed to falter in the rewrite stages. this too, Warner Bros. It ended up rejecting the ideas put forward by the draft script, which could end up like offers Dr. Gharib and others moon knight : To the trash of these adaptations that would have been, as long as studios rely on less adapted readings of hero culture in costumes.

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