Kate Bush makes a stunning comeback with Stranger Things

Kate Bush makes a stunning comeback with Stranger Things

In a few days, the phenomenon of “going up this hill” spread across the planet with amazing speed. Without stopping, of course, at the borders of Brittany. One example among others: since the beginning of June, the music of the bell that rings ten times a day at Pierre Mendes France College, in Morlex (29), is an excerpt from the Kate Bush song!

It’s light, it’s refreshing, and it’s also a bridge with previous generations.

Choosing the pupils, explains Principal Alain Fleur: “It has been a long time since we used the past acute chime. It is replenished once a month, most often on the students’ suggestion. This time, the sixth graders whom Mrs. Keroden consulted chose this song. Because Not having a reference to the series from Netflix, it surprised me that they knew of a title that dates back to the ’80s. It’s light and fresh, and it’s also a portal with previous generations. This will be our ringtone until the holidays!”

Noe, 15, high school student in Morlakes (29 years old): “I really liked the melody, the sound and the atmosphere of the song” (Photo PLB)

A high school student in Morlaix, Noé, 15, is one of the teens who fell in love with this nickname, which he hadn’t heard of just three weeks ago: “Thanks to ‘Stranger Things’ I discovered him, like many students. I listen to a little bit of everything.” , mostly rap and hip-hop and also rock, but I really liked the melody, the sound and the mood of the song… Kate Bush, I just knew she was a singer, but nothing more…”.

+ 20000%!

The frequent use of “Running On This Hill” during the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, especially at crucial moments in the plot, immediately led to an explosion of listening to the song on all streaming platforms. It has happened before that the inclusion of old-fashioned pop or rock songs in soap operas has revived their success, as in the case of “Don’t Stop Believin” from Flight (1981), thanks to Madonna’s “Glee” or “Material Girl” (1984) , by “The Bridgerton Chronicle”, but such a dazzling renaissance had never been noticed before.

Since May 27, the date of the Netflix series airing, the song has been at the top of the platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon… The title has also been used in more than 500,000 videos shared on Tik- Tock. As for the original clip, which dates back to 1985, it has now reached 67 million views, an increase of more than 20,000% compared to what it was before May 27!

No. 1 in the world, after 35 years

The result, “Running Over This Hill”, which met success again in 2003 through a placebo cover, and in 2012 through a re-record by Kate Bush herself at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, blew up the world charts ten times more strongly compared to its initial success, In 1985, when it climbed to the top ten among many countries. It’s currently in about 35 countries on the planet, and this week it’s #1 in half a dozen of them, from Australia to Sweden, via Switzerland or Lithuania. It should also be in the UK at the weekend, as well as possibly in France and the US. According to Billboard’s Global 200 rating, the song took the number one spot in the world this week!

Everything is very exciting!

Even Kate Bush, an exemplary and very discreet artist, broke out of silence in the face of such enthusiasm, which clearly surprised her like no one else: “Everything is very exciting! Thank you very much to everyone who supported the song ”, the 63-year-old artist posted on his site Official website on June 6. His fans hope this will encourage him to finally find his way into the recording studios, as his last album is from 2011…

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