Marvel: Spider-Man's enemy hunter Craven would be animal friendly (and wouldn't make sense)

Marvel: Spider-Man’s enemy hunter Craven would be animal friendly (and wouldn’t make sense)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson gets to talk about his character as Craven the fisherman Spider-Man enemy.

Somehow, Sony continues its path in the cross, paved with films about various enemies of Spider-Man, in the absence of the latter. Making a comic book antagonist stand-alone and cinematic has always been a risky task, but it can pay off (hello joker by Todd Phillips). However, the recent findings about the spider verse are somewhat troubling, the disaster Morbiusin terms of box office and critical and general feedback, however, did not boost spectator confidence in the Sinister Six project.

Nothing prevents Sony at the moment from continuing its delusion since then poison and others MorbiusAnd the It will be a turn Craven the fisherman to prove himself (or not) in his feature film. A Spider-Man antagonist who has never before adapted to the big screen (as Morbius), will debut as Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Namely, the actor just finished shooting the movie in England. mark promotion Express train And his presence at the CineEurope conference, he was able to give some initial information and impressions of what his character will be like.

Which of the three will have the chance to fight Morbius and his gang?

He is one of Marvel’s most famous and well-known heroes, the #1 competitor to Spider-Man. He is neither alien nor charming. He is just a hunter, a human being with convictions. A lover of animals, he is also a protector of the natural world. Very very cool personality.

While Craven is already considered a staunch opponent of the urban hero, even managing to defeat him on some occasions, he also remains a ruthless and illegal assassin. Find fun and prizes (in rather bad taste), they are generally a far cry from the benign image of a nature protector or environmental warrior: the man still wears a lion’s head as a jacket.

The fact that Craven is neither an alien nor a wizard, and that he is merely a human, generally reinforces the whole underlying meaning of his immense brutality and contempt for wildlife. It may be “cool”, but let’s hope it’s almost the systematic will of Sony’s films so far Change these villains into anti-heroes, does not come to the tepid promising character of Craven. From a ruthless hunter, capable of terrorizing Spider-Man himself, it would be a shame to have a game-watcher superhero instead.

Million Little Pieces: Photo, Aaron Taylor-JohnsonAaron Taylor Johnson plays a very cool character

Aaron Taylor-Johnson also stated that the film was shot mostly outside the studio, in natural settings. Nothing crazy, but it’s always nice to capture, whether for hunting scenes or to reinforce that connection between Craven and nature. As a reminder, the film was directed by JC Chandor (margin callAnd the Everything is lost) who makes a baptism of fire here in the superhero movies. As for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, he’s not into his experimental experience in the genre: he’s already been particularly kick ass or Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The rest of the cast includes Russell Crowe, among others, and more news may be announced at Comic-Con in San Diego next July. If the agenda hasn’t changed by then, we should see it Craven the fisherman In our cinemas on January 13, 2023.

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