'Just Like You' by Nick Hornby: 'A book that has something to reconcile and wake up baby boomers'

‘Just Like You’ by Nick Hornby: ‘A book that has something to reconcile and wake up baby boomers’

The book was written by Jerome Garcin

A 430-page novel, translated by Christine Barbasti. The author of “High Devotion” and “Marriage with Ten Acts” this time suggests divorce in ten acts. Lucy, a 42-year-old literature teacher, has separated from her alcoholic husband, Paul, who called her a bitch and a dirty bitch. She has two sons, ages 10 and 8, and is now looking for a companion. After several unsuccessful attempts, including that of a successful writer, she finds one on the doorstep of her neighborhood butcher’s where Joseph, 22, who is black, lives with his mother and works as a DJ and performs. Babysitting in his spare hours. Only here, unlike her, Joseph wants to vote for Brexit. The novel begins in 2016 on the eve of the referendum, and continues into 2019.

Elizabeth Philip praises ‘fairly successful’ book

It is, according to a review UPSa well-constructed novel, a quintessential British romantic comedy, that has the potential to move both the baby boomer generation and the awake generation: “It really is good english romantic comedy If you like “Love at First Sight at Notting Hill” or “Love Actually,” it’s really in that spirit, with A little extra political spirit with Brexit as the backdrop. A very classic scheme, with two characters opposing everything. Nick Hornby takes the question of identity very lightly and shrewdly. It is very good. All this skillfully led by Nick Hornby.

This is it A book that can reconcile boomers and wakefulness Because it addresses all these electrical and generally controversial issues quite calmly. He does it in a very quiet way.”

Tired of Brexit, Friedrich Beigbeeder still applauds ‘an excellent novel’

In Le Figaro, we preferred a romantic comedy rather than its political background (the subject of Brexit that Frédéric got more and more tired of…). An opportunity for the journalist to express the boredom he felt while reading Ani Erno’s latest book (“The Young Man”):

FB: “Nick Hornby is so great that he just won the 2022 Scott Fitzgerald Award. excellent novelEven if I prefer the romantic comedy side of the book on the political background against racism, Brexit…especially since Brexit has already been dealt with by almost all British novelists…

On the subject of the white bourgeois having sex with a poorer young man, it is even funnier than the last Ani Erno. There is already the idea of ​​character development.”

Arnaud Viviant pays homage to the literary power of the Brexit context

The story seduced Arnault, constantly haunted by the uncertain effects of Brexit, and then in the midst of negotiations in the context in which the novel’s story fits here: Brexit. The beauty of the book lies in the fact that its story takes place during the three years when Brexit has no effect on the tangible lives of Englishmen. They are waiting for the tangible effects of Brexit on their lives.”

“A Joyful Book” by Patricia Martin

Socially, the book echoes all the difficulties that everyone can face in their daily lives. A universal story where everyone can still identify themselves according to the criticism of France Inter: “We are always afraid of something that will or will not happen. The author uses sexy social phrases. It’s a fun and energizing book, because it’s also a book about happiness and the hardships of everyday life.

The moral of the novel is reduced to this: one should not live every day, because there are times when, frankly, there is a pain in the neck.

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