Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + ...: A must-see series and documentary on platforms

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + …: A must-see series and documentary on platforms


The adventures of the young actors are in the making, a mysterious investigation with the Los Angeles Police and the story of the most famous space ranger in the universe. Here are our three suggestions for optimizing this hot weekend.

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Our daily suggestions should allow you to get away from these hot days. At first, we’ll laugh with a squad casting(s) on channel +. Then we’ll go to Los Angeles in the fifties of the last century with excitement LA secret, on Netflix or Prime Video, of your choice. We’ll end up with the stars in our eyes thanks to the documentary beyond infinityregarding the Buzz Lightyear character, it’s clear on Disney+.

casting(s)on + . channel

Released between 2013 and 2015 on Channel +, casting(s) It is what is called in terminology a flawin the tradition of short humorous programs such as boy girlAnd the in short or Camelot. Co-created by Pierre Nene early in his career, it brings together a troupe of young French actors to whom several big names passed for cameos have been added. The principle is simple: an angry casting director arranges auditions or rehearsals for different programmes. The perfect pitch for creating humorous situations, sometimes close to absurd. A small dessert where we can see the first arms of the actors and actresses recognized today as François Seville, Benjamin Laverne or Fanny Sidney, seen in ten percent. For celebrities, we meet Laurent Lafitte, Manu Payet, Gerard Darmon, Nykvu, Marion Cotillard, Jonathan Cohen and others.

LA secretOn Netflix and Prime Video

1953, Los Angeles. While the king of the local underworld has just fallen, all the thugs dream of seizing the crown. When a recently laid-off policeman is murdered in a coffee shop, three other detectives take over the case. There’s the ambitious young apprentice, the rude, non-silly grumble and the star in a constant pursuit of glamour. Their investigation will reveal a network more sprawling than they expected. The characters and script are clearly visible and auditable. But it is required. LA secret It is a Hollywood thriller that pays homage to all the icons of the genre, right down to the killer woman here played by Kim Basinger. It is particularly successful. The story is exciting and full of twists and turns, the cast led by Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Jay Pearce, is flawless, and the stage is gorgeous in Los Angeles from first minute to last minute. The classic is often forgotten quite a bit.

beyond infinitySouth Disney +

Members Toy StoryAnd Pixar and animation in general, you can’t wait until June 22 to discover them Buzz Leclerc, a feature film dedicated to the origins of Andy’s favorite space ranger. To make you wait, we can’t advise you enough to watch Beyond Infinity: The Buzz Journey and the Hyper-Speed ​​Journey, presented exclusively on Disney+ and describes the genesis of a character that quickly became one of the emblems of pop culture. From the improbable initial sketch to the importance his American voice actor Tim Allen might have when confirming his character, through the mystery that was his necessary reinvention for this new movie, all aspects of the character were evoked. So interesting that we also regret that some points are not detailed enough. In other words, we want more, not just Buzz. If Disney would listen to us.

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