Shanna Kris and Jonathan Matigas: The couple filmed themselves during an abortion and caused panic among netizens - X Gossip

Shanna Kris and Jonathan Matigas: The couple filmed themselves during an abortion and caused panic among netizens – X Gossip

Shana Kris and Jonathan Matigas said goodbye to their child with trisomy 21. The mother who will be using IMG, who took care of her photo shoot in order to reveal some snippets on YouTube. A choice that, once again, caused panic among Internet users.

The farewell day arrived on Tuesday 14th June for Shanna Criss and Jonathan Matigas. A terrible day for lovers who made the decision to selectively terminate a pregnancy, after finding out that one of the twins had Down syndrome, a difficult decision that Shana and Jonathan cared about…explained on YouTube. “so we have The doctor was asked to terminate the pregnancy of the child with trisomy 21. It’s hard, but it’s our choice. So it was necessary to sign a document and it would be necessary to keep the two children until birth”, they explained to their subscribers. Unfortunately, some anti-abortionists preferred to question this option, while others lamented the fact that the couple depicted such a difficult moment.

Especially since in the video, an excerpt from Shanna Kress’ clip was skillfully scrapped. In the face of numerous criticisms, influencers I decided to reply with a long message on Instagram. “If you considered yourself better, if you thought you would have acted differently, if you found the fault instead of sharing our pain… So don’t waste your valuable time wasting our time. It is evident that your infinite virtue deserves to shower the rest of the world with your wise goodness. so please, Don’t stay away from our photos and videosWhat we’re going through is hard enough to manage your grudgesThey wrote, heart in crumbs.

Shanna Kris shows her abortion on YouTube

The agonizing ordeal is over. And once again, Shanna Kris and Jonathan Take care of everything And make a video of it for YouTube. We see the couple before D-Day, then in the hospital room. Shanna Kress filmed herself during the test shower, as well as in the delivery room. “They’ll do me like an epidural, but that’s not really all. They’ll put oxygen in my nose, syringes, cables everywhere… It’s not cool“After that, an augmentation was performed on her face, while a sterile sheet hid her stomach.”This is the moment t, I won’t hide from you that it is very difficult, fortunately we are together. It’s not really easy. and then We were left in a room to cryI emptied our bags for two hours. It’s really very difficult‘,” commented Shanna Kress, before showing where the injection was in her stomach.

A video that, once again, angered Internet users. “I am so disgusted with their last video. They showed everything…even the bite marks. Why imagine the death of a live child? It’s so intimate….!!! They disgust me especially Shana!!!!!! “,” I don’t understand Shana And Jonathan said her pregnancy videos are over and there they’re recreating a miscarriage video, ‘It started out so awkward,’ ‘These pictures are so intimate,’She made a video of her abortion‘, many Internet users regret. Their YouTube channel, their choice?

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