Cambrimer: The former lawyer set up a contemporary art center in her childhood home

Cambrimer: The former lawyer set up a contemporary art center in her childhood home

Louise Lance imagined a cultural center on the farm of Saint-Michel. © Camille RUFFRAY / The Pays d’Auge

We must become children again before art and stop overthinking! Created by Louise Lance Contemporary Art Center On the farm of Saint-Michel in Cambremer (Calvados), which also bears the name of his association. Her ambition: organizing exhibitions, supporting artists, but also imagining social and cultural works.

Make yourself useful with this new project

Located on Cambremer heights, the property belongs family for 40 years And his mother lives there. It is a place with a soul and a deep sense of family. but also immersed in history; The farm was active until 2000. Also some time ago I met with affection a man who lived here from the age of 8 to 17”, says Louise Lance. Thus, the public will be invited to walk in the garden and old farm buildings; the earing house, stables, boiler room and press have been turned into a gallery And a creative space.

very old lawyer and judge In the oasis, this 52-year-old woman experienced months of confinement as a turning point. “This period coincided with 50 years, and what I would do in the second part of my life. Sensitive to art from her childhood without being an expert, Louise Lance sees in it a way to continue what she started.” Throughout my career, I have always loved being helpful to serve others. This project is for me a way of connecting my experience in law with art,” she summarizes.

Technical production support

La Ferme Saint-Michel aims to support artists for themSupport their artistic production. Both through residences, but also through exhibitions. For the venue’s second exhibition (read elsewhere), Louise Lance invited photographer Jean Letelier to give a view of it Intimate ground. “The association will also respond to calls for projects from the region,” the project leader outlines.

San Michele Campremer Refined Farm
Art in farm buildings. © d

I am looking for a childish relationship with art

The flip side of Ferme Saint-Michel is “access to art for all”. Planning Cultural events and meetingsBy inviting schoolchildren, but also by taking art in a place that is not, as would be the case at the beginning of July during an exhibition outside the walls in the nursing home. “I would like art to enter everyone’s daily life,” sums up the former attorney. Louise Lance is well aware of the inequalities associated in particular with the price of culture, and she wants to erase others. Another reason has to do with legitimacy, some people don’t feel their place in the museum, thinking it’s for the rich. It shouldn’t be this way,” she continued.

Louise Lance aspires to Everyone brakes And bring that audience that won’t feel empowered. “At the Republic School, from a young age, we learn arts, we paint, we paint, we take part in cultural outings … and after that, we get lost,” she explains. Taking Picasso’s phrase as an example “I’ve spent my whole life painting as a kid,” Ferme Saint-Michel wants to (re) give everyone a relationship to art that is “childish, simple, and natural.” Just by allowing yourself to be guided by your feelings, listening to your heart, your body and what makes you vibrate! ” »

Assembly La Ferme Saint-Michel, 4750 route d’Englesqueville in Cambremer, open during fairs or by appointment. Website: Contact by email:

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