Lower Atlantic.  The beautiful story of Berligo, the wine of the Dukes of Brittany, in a book

Lower Atlantic. The beautiful story of Berligo, the wine of the Dukes of Brittany, in a book

Marcel Gauseum and Alain Pollard, retired winemaker and liquor scientist, are the authors of the book on the history of Berligo. © HSM

the beautiful a story deserve a the book. Berligowine Dukes From Brittany It is the title of the book just signed by Alain Pollard and Marcel Gauseum*.

With this 160-page book, published by Le temps édition, in partnership with the Institut Culture de Bretagne, the authors shed new light on the history of Berligou, the reproduction of Pinot noir first introduced by Charles Le Téméraire. To Francois II, Duke of Brittany, in 1460 in QuironClose Nantes.

This diversity, which would gain such a reputation after the visits of Henry IV and Louis XV, would fall into oblivion and even almost disappear.

It took a group called G12 to do grapevine business to restore the nobles’ letters and tasting tables.

Four grape growers (soon to be five) from the Nantes region produce and market grapes red wineIt is planted on an area of ​​7 hectares.

This unique Pinot Noir has been included in the National Catalog of Vine Varieties and Clones since 2019, registered under reproduction number 1306.

Rich in its own genetic code that allows it to be traced back to the production of plants, its exceptional resistance to viruses testifies to its adaptation to the terrain of Nantes.

Alan Pollard

“Like all high-quality wines, the wine is difficult to make but well worth the effort. It is a red that will take five to ten years to develop,” adds Marcel Gauseum, co-founder of the Grand Prix Clémence-Lefeuvre.

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The time when plant material is available to vine growers.

330 references

The retired vineyard grower, whose family property Berligou just won an award from Hachette Guide, is an adventurer.

That was 18 years ago. The group called G12, which has been unofficial for a long time, is made up of grape growers, traders and researchers.

The work was started by Jean-Pierre Méchino, former president of the Federation of Muscadet Appellations, who died.

A mutant was discovered in the vineyard. No one cares.

Marcel Gussom

Not planning to write a book from it

The group, which has become an association, will begin extensive research on this mutant grape variety.

His work in archives and bibliography led him to collect more than 330 references.

Great historical sources can be found through the list in the book to be published on June 16.

A book the authors never thought they would write one day.

They admit “it was not planned”. But “between the incomplete statements that led to certain interpretations, the lies and many things we heard, it seemed important to us to write the true history of Berligo,” explain Marcel Gauseum and Alain Pollard, who benefited from Covid. for work.

Among the legends scratched by the book are those that say that the kings of France had Berlego drunk. “In the bibliographical archives, nothing indicates whether Berligou was brought to the Kings Table,” the retired liquorologist identifies.

One of the oldest traces of vineyards planted in the seconde century when Pinot Noir arrived at the vineyard on the 13the century, long before Melon de Bourgogne, who only reached the region of Nantes at the beginning of the seventeenth centurye Century, to save Berlingou in XXe Century, a victim of plant pollen in 19e Century, “4 Joseph,” the book traces the amazing and beautiful story thread of a diverse grape variety including:

The obstinacy of enthusiasts and visionaries made it possible to preserve it definitively by entering it into the conservatory of ancient grape varieties in the Pallet Museum.

Alan Pollard

An indication that “contrary to what many people think, the activity of grape-growing is not static”, states Marcel Gauseum. And proof, a variety of grapes from the past can be tasted again today.

* Marcel Gauseum, a retired grape grower. He was a member of the Professional Council of Nantes Wines and President of the Guild of Muscadian Nomenclature. Alain Pollard, MD, is the former head of the Nantes unit at the French Institute of Vineyards and Wine. He is one of the founders of the Berligou Association. Both are members of the Group of 12.

Berligou, the wine of the Dukes of BrittanyLe Temps Editor. 160 pages. 22 euros. In all libraries.

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