Barroux a rencontré la classe de CE1 havraise de Julie Lefebvre ce mardi

The CE1 chapter of Le Havre records an audiobook, wins an award and meets the author

Seven and eight-year-olds from Le Havre won reading aloud competition, Organized by Bookinou.

Bookinou is a connected “story teller,” a kind of digital library filled with audiobooks that lets kids listen to and record stories as well. They can then upload their recordings to Bookinou and all users can access and listen to them in turn.

The principle of competition was simple: It was necessary to record a children’s book proposed by the jury, a book entitled “Life’s Little Noise”Written and illustrated by Barrow.

CE1 class by Julie Lefebri at Henri Wallon School in Le Havre So he won the “coup de coeur” award. And as a bonus, the book’s author came to meet the students in class on Tuesday, June 14 to offer them his job.

How did the children get started on this adventure?

One day, a teacher put a book in the hands of her 14 students titled “Life’s Little Noise”, identified by its author Barrow as a “A very poetic and meticulous book, in which the young hero questions the nature of life’s noise, from the noise of black birds on the roof of the house to my father’s clock ticking when he reads a story”.

The exercise raised young children. Usually, they are always told not to make noise. There, the exercise was to reproduce the noise. “We created noise from scratch”Project initiator and educator Julie Lefevre explains: “For the cat’s claws, we used the scratches that were in the classroom, for pebbles hitting, we hit the wooden bricks, and the kids did the tests and chose the noises that sounded most convincing to them.”

The famous cat who scratches © Radio France
Olivia Cohen

“Students want and gain confidence!”

Julie came up with the idea of ​​participating in the competition organized by Bookinou because she uses the storyteller at home with her children. Thought she’d give it a try with her class: “We’re working on oral language and I think having them record a story will motivate them!”

The teacher was right, She recorded everything on her phone And it worked: “They didn’t necessarily see the point of reading aloud when their recording allowed friends, family, and other classes to listen, and it gave them confidence and desire!”

Currently, Alia, one of Julie’s 14 students, is not afraid to read out loud in front of her classmates But she wants to continue training: ‘I make mistakes sometimes’infects the intelligent child, who realizes that stories “without a picture” Stimulate her imagination and push her to it “Create your own photos”.

Barroux's job is to paint live in front of the class
Barroux’s job is to paint live in front of the class © Radio France
Olivia Cohen

What is the passion for the profession?

The kids are proud to have won an award and their performance affected the author a lotParo who came to class to answer their questions. Between two jokes, Barroux talks about his job as an author and illustrator: “You, when the mistress does not come, will be scolded by the manager, I, if I do not go to work, scold myself for being my boss.” And to tell that in school, when he was their age, he didn’t really know what to do with himself because he was only good at drawing and literature.

Children, put in trust, laughter and teasers but They are silent and attentive when Paro offers them to draw a big cat to decorate the classroom. Julie, the teacher, explains to the children: “It’s nice to do a job you love, you see!” Students are earned and Barroux is adopted.

After two hours of discussion, Award-winning young readers go to the canteensmiling, is a bit frustrated even though Barrow doesn’t come with them in the afternoon at the pool. “They were excited to meet him.”Julie confirms. mission accomplished.

The tale recorded by the CE1 class can be heard here.

Parox cat CE1
Parox cat CE1 © Radio France
Olivia Cohen

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