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Revenge of Celia, who is obsessed with Charlene and fails the exam – here it all begins on June 22, 2022 (Episode 427)

Discover the detailed synopsis here It all starts in advance Season 2 with Episode 427 airing on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 on TF1. Celia doesn’t bother taking her exam, she just wants Charlene to fail. De Oates’ Table will be launched, but Diego is considering selling the guest house in the marsh.
The full recap of the ITC TV series from episode 22/06/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Celia wants Charlene to pay

Find the full summary ofHere It All Begins Episode 426 Broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday 22nd June 2022 (See summaries in advance This is where it all starts ): Summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 06/21/2022 Connected.

Celia confides in Theo that she does not want to work with Charlene. Theo says she shouldn’t shock her exams to Charlene. Celia doesn’t know if she’ll make the effort for 48 hours.

Charlene is angry at Teyssier for her filth by pairing her with Célia, her sister-in-law. Axel tries to appease Charlene, and tells her not to let anyone spoil her chance of passing her exam.

Ambre and Théo come to see Diego to offer him a table d’hôtes. They like to create menus that highlight Mediterranean products. Diego announces to them that they want to sell their farm with Isabel…because they want to move. Diego offers them a try while they wait for the sale.

Amber Here It All Begins

Ambre and Tom will test the d’hôtes table to see if they like it

Ambre and Tom ask Jasmine and Deva to get Bottarga in the rep for the first list of table d’hôtes.
The girls from Enzo are surprised: they confess that they are doing Amber and Tom a favor.

Tony arrived on a motorbike, bought something without a license with stickers everywhere. Solal found this scooter to be average for a click’n collection photo.

Salome is where it all begins

Greg and Salome good husband for exams?

Celia and Charlene decide to talk to each other just to talk about cooking. They have to make sweets like Mehdi and Enzo. Others will enter.

teyssier here it all begins

Charlene Forax towards her father for the duet with Celia

Here it all begins in advance Episode 427 June 22, 2022: Charlene loses her temper in front of Celia

Celia and Charlene find no common ground. Celia can’t stand Charlene’s condescending look and fake smile. Girls clash and fight in the kitchen. Charlene threw her cream at Celia. Clotilde and Deras intervene.

Tony is where it all starts

A beautiful complicity was born between Tony and Gitan

Elliot told Celia that Charlene tried to take it upon herself… while Celia was only provocative. Celia can’t take this marine family anymore**. Celia explains to Elliot that she knows what she wants to do so that Charlene doesn’t graduate. This is his goal.

A man on a motorbike cleans Tony’s scooter … he irritates him, his head spins. Gaetan passes while jogging.
Gaetan finds Tony sitting on a bridge: he has an anxiety attack. Gaetan decides to accompany Tony to finish the deliveries.

Suleiman asks Deva if she still thinks she does not want to marry Vikash and go back to India. Deva keeps his words and accepts Solomon.

It should all start here

Diva is ready for the second chapter of her love story with Solomon

It all starts from June 22, 2022: what to remember

– Gaetan is always there for Tony’s troubles
– Diva and Jasmine risk Amber and Tom
– Diego wants to sell the guest house with Isabel
– Solomon and Diva kiss
Celia wants Charlene not to take her exam

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