[VIDEO] Vincent Moscato: 'Love of a shirt never fills the fridge', Moscato's show arrives in Montpellier

[VIDEO] Vincent Moscato: ‘Love of a shirt never fills the fridge’, Moscato’s show arrives in Montpellier

Vincent Moscato and his Super Moscato Show team arrive on Thursday at La Chistera, in Montpellier. To talk about rugby, but not only… an interview with the ex-bitch-turned-hostess.

After nearly two years of Covid, are you happy to find tours and audiences?

It is always good to be in touch with the audience. We never really had the spectators in real life during the show, that’s okay. that’s cool. See feedback, what matches or not in the show. We were pleasantly surprised.

How do you explain the audience’s engagement with the show?

There is no recipe. It’s like cinema. You can have a great script, great actors, if people feel like they’re cheating, that there’s no authenticity, it won’t pass. With us, this authenticity. And legality with regard to sports. We are a multi-sport show, we talk about everything.

Is this diversity the source of your strength?

yes. After a while, we only talk about football, we go in circles, it lacks brilliance …

Is this offer beneficial to your man offers?

It could happen to me to take things for show, or vice versa. There are lanes. The one man show is great. Being on the board is one of the best feelings you can have.

The guy who tells you he knows who’s going to win, it’s tough. Finally, they don’t bet the house they say they won’t bet 20 balls anymore…

Let’s talk about rugby. How do you feel about the semi-finals of the Top 14?

I think it will be hotly disputed. Very clever who says who will qualify. Well, I have a principle that, wherever I go, I declare the city I won. This way, I’m not bothered. But I will not put a card in the team. Maybe Toulouse Stadium but I’m not sure…

We have the impression that the top 14 places are very homogeneous.

We can’t tell who will win… The top 14 is the NFL. American football has become. Clubs are built with training centers, such as those in the United States. Level Play When you see Bègles or Stadium or Montpellier and Castres… the guy who tells you he knows who’s going to win, it’s tough. Finally, they don’t bet the house they say they won’t bet 20 balls anymore…

“Usually, at this time, there is nothing but to enjoy the end of the season”

Do you have the impression that having Castres or Montpellier is annoying?

No, it’s paranoid, club stuff. It always feels like they’re against the world. Subsequently, the Toulouse stadium is more media-friendly in terms of rugby than Montpellier, which was founded only thirty years ago, and is closer to a football city. Toulouse has won 21 French championships, it’s different. Bordeaux attracts 30,000 people per game, and has been playing rugby for 100 years. Naturally, they are more advertised than Montpellier or Castres.

What do you think about the release of Christoph Orius on his players?

It’s intriguing because usually at this time, there’s nothing but enjoyment at the end of the season and the final stages. But these things happen.

Have you played against him before?

yes. He was a good player, aggressive and a natural leader. It doesn’t surprise me that he became a coach, he knows the game, he is hardworking and more.

Philip has qualities all over the place! He can do whatever he wants, he’s good in RMC, in clubs

The Montpellier route, is it also the triumph of Philippe Saint-Andre?

Of course, last year they were playing on a slope. This year, the title. So yeah, it’s his victory.

Is he the best coach or advisor at RMC?

He has qualities everywhere! He can do whatever he wants, he’s good at RMC, in clubs. He is a man not here by chance. He knows this game (a young woman interrupts him asking him where she can sing…: “I don’t know, I’m not a manager”). Philip brought so much recovery to this club that they were walking on each other. The lack of knowledge of this sport with the disastrous recruitment of South Africans no longer makes sense. It didn’t work out and this club regained an identity it had lost thanks to Philippe.

What inspires you about Fulgens Ouedraogo’s career?

There are always cases like this, for example Antoine Berban who stayed 16 years in the Stade Français. There has always been and always will be, even if it’s more complicated. There will always be exceptions. The love for the shirt is still there, well if you have a good contract. T-shirt love never fills the fridge.

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