Julie Gayet and Benjamin Beaulay: "We go too far when we're mean, but we don't go too high"

Julie Gayet and Benjamin Beaulay: “We go too far when we’re mean, but we don’t go too high”

Passionate about music, cinema and song, the two partners will meet June 22-25 in Rochefort for the second edition of the Twin Sister Festival.

She is an actress and producer, but she started singing opera. He’s a singer and songwriter, but he makes cute arcs in cinema. On this common ground, between music and image, their friendship formed eighteen years ago. Then Julie Gayet had the starring role Claire and meThe soundtrack was composed by Benjamin Beaulay. Since then, their complicity has grown through shared small pleasures and joint ventures. before the movie as an actress Soon they bring them together on the big screen, in Rochefort they meet at the Twin Sisters festival, which the actress launched in 2021.

A place for professional meetings and events for the general public, promoting cooperation between the music and image professions (video games, cinema, series, clips, etc.) through round tables on the challenges of the two sectors, a master class (Vladimir Kuzma, Susan and Charlotte Abramo …), Shows, concerts (IAM, a feminist show dedicated to Agnès Varda, a tribute to Gainsbourg by Alex Beaupain…). Benjamin Beaulay, with the unwavering support of his friend Julie, responded to the call: he will be a guest at an art talk on June 23 in the city for which she is famous Misses, by Jack Demy. for Madame Figaro, They agreed to return to the passion and the bonds that united them.

On the video, Benjamin Beaulay and Julie Gayet, in merco benzmusic video

Miss Figaro. – Tell us about your meeting.
Benjamin Bewley. – It was Julie who provoked him. when she turned Clara and me By Arnaud Viard, you took the liberty of calling me for the soundtrack.
Julie Pretty. Music was such an integral part of the movie, and we were looking for someone who was capable of poetry despite this very dark love story, with the discovery of my character’s HIV status.
BB Sun and light were needed, especially in the most exciting moments.
JG – I listened a lot disappearance, the album I made with Keren Ann, I loved your elegance, your sensitivity, and your being. I felt you would have the right distance to highlight this story without confusing it. There is nothing worse than music that brings out emotions.
BB – It is true, but there are so many composers in our country who, despite their talent, struggle to work, that they give everything when they come to a project. They want to show their abilities and get a business card. How do you blame them?

Benjamin, what exercise should he compose for the cinema?
BB – It is impossible to determine it, because there are as many ways as dozens of films. It is an experimental work, like a love story, that responds to its own rules. And the place of the film composer has changed a lot: music was an essential part of cinema during the silent era, but our voice was stolen from us when cinema became talkative.
JG – That is why, among other things, the Twin Sister Festival was born: to re-evaluate the author, the third author of the film.
BB – Fortunately, the great directors continued to give the composer all the room in bed, Tim Burton with Danny Elfman, for example, David Fincher with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross …
JG — or Agnès Varda with Joanna Bruzdowicz, whom the festival honors this year.

Benjamin, does cinema inspire you with music?
BB Yes, sometimes years later, without even realizing it. And then some filmmakers have a strong vocal identity that also makes them references. If I say to a musician, “Do something to David Lynch,” he knows exactly what I want.
JG I, this is how I see cinema, like notes, and rhythm in writing. And as an actress, through the voices of my characters I enter my roles. Is she crouched, serious, laid back, quick? Then, I feed on all disciplines: unlike Benjamin who writes, builds the universe, I am not a creator. I am at the service of the director, regardless of my heart, the actress or the producer.
BB Creative production! A product with artistic flair makes the difference…
JG Production is the logical extension of an actress’s career: in both cases you have to enter the director’s head to understand his world and serve him as much as possible.

Production is the logical extension of acting: Either way, you have to get inside the director’s head.

Jolly Pretty

after the movie Claire and me Hey Julie, you’ve acted in Benjamin’s music videos…
BB – The first was in merco benz. I brought the poetry for this song that had long tracks. Then I came back to get clips Let the dogs bark and others What can you do? This is how our friendship was formed.
JG – By filming these clips with you too, I understood who I was as an actor. Evidence.
BB – You already turned down a role, but you were the one who convinced me to try it. Sylvie Fairheid too. At the time, making movies wasn’t much of a challenge for me. My life was already full of music.

And you haven’t sang Jolie on an album before?
BB – We had one session in the studio for a special one-time use project.
JG Benjamin gave me the opportunity to sing a declaration of love for someone very dear to me. An unforgettable moment.
BB The song is still in the safe…
JG – It’s there, it’s really magic. But singing to Benjamin on an album is another exercise. I began to sing lyrically, but I really feel like an actress: I no longer sing, except sometimes for films, hiding behind characters. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I can anymore. And I’m afraid I won’t find my feelings at that time.
BB – Lyrical singing is a very special style, in which singing was thought to be displayed: it is difficult to get out of it to get more pop songs. A bit like an actor specializing in commedia dell’arte, who suddenly has to play in the cinema. There is a risk of increasing.
JG – If I became an actress, it was probably for this reason, moreover: I wanted to give more nuances of passion. If I ever take singing lessons again, it will be just for fun.

You will be reunited soon As an actress…
JG – It’s our first time playing together. Real fun, albeit difficult situations: the couple we play are in crisis, and in one scene Benjamin’s character becomes violent…it was weird.
BB – I was so afraid to play in front of Julie, it’s more fun and more stressful than playing with a stranger. Especially because we had to argue, which has never happened to us in life. I was afraid that our characters would spoil the atmosphere between us… Hence the psychology of the actors on the shoot is a complicated matter.

Is this to say?
BB Actors, when they shoot, give something that costs them so much, they are not quite themselves. Like a machine that vibrates constantly, this one never calms down.
JG – So singers who put themselves on stage completely naked. These are two places of fragility.

The musical perfectly illustrates the confluence of music and image championed by Sur Gomels. Which type do you like?
BB – surely ! Music problem are alternatives to fifties and sixties films: The Demoiselles de Rochefort It is a reflection of an era, style, formulation, and fears that have evolved… We should renew the genre and stop recasting Demi and Legrand. You should be into the music and the liveliness of your time, as Christophe Honoré was with Alex Beauban love songs.
JG – I’ve always liked to do projects outside of designated areas, and if I had to produce again, I’d specifically want to go into music. I’ve been thinking about it more since the Twin Sister Festival kicked off. One day I’m going to produce Benjamin’s The Musical!

Aside from your life as an artist, what connects you?
JG – football ! Love it, I made a documentary about the Lyon women’s soccer team, and Benjamin is a fan of Olympique Lyonnais.
BB – We also have the same ideological and political beliefs, even if I can coexist with people who do not think like me. We are of the same generation. However, it is difficult to dissect the relationship. I can only tell you that we hit it off right away.
JG When I met Benjamin or Chiara (Mastroianni, editor’s note), I felt the same way I did when I joined Demi Varda’s family, with Agnès, Rosalie, and Mathieu. It was clear, a place where I feel good. Benjamin probably wouldn’t like me to say it, but he’s a really nice guy.
BB – Stop, you will break my bad reputation …
JG – It reminds me of what Jose Dayan told me: “If you were a little wicked, you’d do better at this job.”
BB – You’re in bad shape … and then, you go too far when you’re mean, but you don’t go too far.

Twin Sisters Festival, June 22-25 in Rochefort. twinsisters.com

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