What is ZZCCMXTP, this unusual music tape imagined by Ronare, Pandezz and KronoMusic?

What is ZZCCMXTP, this unusual music tape imagined by Ronare, Pandezz and KronoMusic?

With 41 tracks and 50 collaborations, this XXL project is as interesting as it is entertaining. Decoding this phenomenon was made in the Internet.

We saw her calling herself Twitter trends in the first round of legislative elections, the hashtag # Hahahahahahahaha is an online UFO accompanied by an equally gruesome musical project.

41 songs, 50 guests and a very original name. On Friday, Ronari, Bandarez, and Chronomyosic unveiled Zzccmxtp (read Zizi poop mixtape). On the occasion of this release, BFMTV.com met these three-hit makers, who came to detail the genesis of this new record.

A story inspired by Bigflo and Oli

Born from a Twitter meeting, Zzccmxtp It is an ambitious musical project imagined by a group of friends: Ronari, videographer, Bandrisand beatmaker and KronoMuzik, musician and co-creator with Squeezie and Myd of the hit timinga parody of the Romanian group O Zone.

At the origin of this disc’s name is a parody YouTube montage (called YouTube poop), produced by Ronare who enjoys the piece we too From Bigflo and Oli. In it, one of the clips of Bigflo’s clips was hijacked. Then the rapper sings: “It’s not just a penis story, it’s also a poo story.”

“It’s a phrase that instantly made us laugh,” Bandres says. So much so that these two words become a real gimmick between the three friends:

“We were modding on networks with zizi and poo. We were talking about it all the time. The people who followed us couldn’t stand it anymore, but it made us laugh,” says KronoMuzik.

As proof of this, “zizicaca” quickly became the perfect title for this musical project born at the end of 2021. An interesting and at the same time “protective” boyish name, according to Bandreez.

“The second-tier aspect of this title allows us to hide behind that ‘troll’ label and be able to experiment without too much pressure. And then we’re also happy to create a real contrast between the funny at first sight name and our own, ultimately very professional music,” he explains. .

Fantastic guest list

What sets this bar in particular is the sheer number of guests – 50 in number – that it includes. At the crossroads of worlds, Zzccmxtpconnects together different internet media: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter…

And so we find that YouTubers like Squeezie, Antoine Daniel, have revealed thanks to his humorous show What The Cut, Patrick Baud, better known as Étranges Escales or Le Regulations, a channel dedicated to rap music.

“The goal was for everyone to be called to be able to test things out and thrive on a piece that they wouldn’t have been able to do in the normal times of their career,” explains Ronari.

Add to this long list of live streamers: BagheraJones, Mister MV or Horty. But also music stars: rapper De Meh, Mr. V, Bigflow, Alkabuti, singer Zane and rap journalist Mehdi Moezzi.

“Our ultimate goal was to get Bigflo, because thanks to him a little bit of the birth of this project. The circuit is now complete,” Ronari adds. However, the three percussionists regret the absence of some artists, including rapper Jul, who has been asked to do so many times without success.

“The rejections we received were often due to the mixed tape title and the image it could give to the already well-established careers of these artists,” Bandres explains.

“For July, we believed in it. At first, we managed to channel the hashtag #juldanslazizicacamixtape on Twitter, which he himself then tweeted. But we didn’t hear back. I think it ‘must have just come up with a funny hashtag,’” says KronoMuzik .

The Musicians and Friends Project

For each track of the Ronare mixtape, Pandrezz and KronoMuzik imagined a “concept” track, adapted to the invited guest. As a result, these 41 highly diverse universes give birth to a disc rather than an eclectic one. There we also find hyperpop, rap, such as techno or electro.

“It’s above all a project for musicians and friends. We enjoyed making proposals that we found interesting but also funny to do and then inviting a lot of people,” Bandres says.

Skillfully Organized Promotion

The Zzccmxtp Its popularity also owes its popularity to the original disc communication thought by KronoMuzik, Ronare, and Pandrezz. At the beginning of March, the three friends released their first teaser in the form of an RPG video game entirely developed by Pandrezz.

In this game called ZZCC Legend (sic), the player embodies a character who must meet different characters in order to get their hands on a missing mysterious mixed tape.

“The goal was to present all of our guests in an original way,” Pandrezz explains.

A few months later, the three artists imagined a second wave of crazy promotion during which they pre-ordered the mixed tape on CD.

But these discs have a peculiarity: As specified on the purchase site, “all are signed to the CD by hand with a sharp object,” except for one, which is left intact.

This burning process makes the “discs unreadable so there’s no way to read them with your CD player, but that’s not a big deal as nobody has a CD player these days”, can we read on the site.

“What I really like about this kind of idea is uprooting the absurdity in people’s lives. We have nothing to lose by doing it, we have fun and above all give back to the listeners, curious to see if it will work or not, wanting to listen to the CD”, emphasizes KronoMuzik .

Bandis concludes, “We’ve sold nearly 100% of our 6000 pre-sales, which means we have an audience that follows what we’re doing. Is it because they rave about making them laugh or because they ‘trust us musically?'” I don’t know, I think in the end both answers suit me equally.”

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