Charente-Maritime: Saintaise's brother 100% without dyes for "Best Pastry Chef" on the M6

Charente-Maritime: Saintaise’s brother 100% without dyes for “Best Pastry Chef” on the M6

The Saintaise siblings are in the cast for the new season of “Best Pastry Chef,” which begins at M6 on Thursday, June 23. She is approached by production, which sends orders everywhere. “On our own, we wouldn’t have applied. We always tell ourselves we don’t have time. Then last year, I looked. I told myself we had our place. For us the spirit of competition was to make a good deal,” Victor explains.

third generation

The personal adventure is paired with pride, that of embodying ordinary artisans, in a small provincial town, Saintes (Charente-Maritime), which they wanted to highlight. “We arrived as foreigners. Most of the candidates worked in palaces, and a couple worked at the Ritz. We are pastry chefs.”

Ludivine and Victor cultivate the art of fraternal arguing.

PM / »SO»

Victor and Ludivine bathe in it from the cradle. Their paternal grandfather, Michel Polyester, launched a brand in 1966 that built a good reputation, in the shadow of St Eutrope’s Church in Saintes. Their father, Christophe, developed the company by opening two stores in Thinac and Tyson, in Charente-Maritime, and by capturing a large window in rue Gambetta, on the right bank, it was renamed La flûte enchantée.

“We are a bit of fire and ice. To make another listen to reason, we get angry when we finally go the same way.”

“Since I was six, I’ve always wanted to do this,” says Victor. He passed the CAP exam in pastries at CFA La Rochelle, took first place in the class, and qualified for the final of the best apprentice in France, in 2010. Achieved With CAP in Chocolate, and placed second in the regional competition for Best Young Chocolatier.He achieves his Technical Trade Certificate (BTM) before joining the family business and finds himself at the helm of The Magic Flute, at the age of 24.

Less evidence was for Ludivine, who passed the science baccalaureate and then BTS’ assistant in management. “My parents needed a saleswoman, I realized I absolutely loved it. She caught me in spite of myself! During BTS, I realized that it was hard to manage if you didn’t know the job. I worked for a year at ‘Chez Bogato’, a Paris title that specializes in ‘cake design’ Love at first sight will never leave the lab, finding her place in the Saint-Eutrope team.

“Be original”

Ludivine prides itself on creating and designing custom-made cakes for special occasions. “I really like the strawberry, a very light French cake. Fun, pretty and good! Victor manages to come up with the recipes. In front of the cameras, they had to dig for their inclusion.” It was so intense, the shooting days could last from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. . We have learned a lot. And we still love each other very much! »

“It was so intense, the shooting days could last from 6 am to 1 am.”

Ludivine and Victor Boulestier do not intend to spoil the business of the family brand.

Ludivine and Victor Boulestier do not intend to spoil the business of the family brand.

Philip Maynard

The duo has no career plans. He even hesitated to introduce himself so as not to risk being overwhelmed by the jolts of fame. “We want to preserve the authenticity of accessible products. I, I don’t want my client to pay more than 5 euros for his cake,” insists Victor. The competition “pulls them”, which is the spirit that they wanted to instill in their team. “They are complete people, with a very endearing personality, and they are always the word to make people laugh. “Without them, the show wouldn’t have been the same,” another candidate, Jeremy Aspa, of Bordeaux, said of them and knead for dear ones we tell you.

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