Un si grand soleil

It’s a nightmare for Un si grand Soleil, this legendary character of the series will die at his request!

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Not a single week passed without clearly hearing more and more rumors, each rumor crazier than the next, regarding this wonderful series, Un si grand Soleil!

As you can imagine, with more and more people taking the lead, it is clear that this could change everything in the coming days and weeks.

While some don’t hesitate to say loud and clear what they might think of the series, we can also see that the actors and actresses don’t hesitate to take the lead either.

The return of the series Un si grand solil pleases fans!

And so, we just learned some crazy and somewhat scary news regarding a legendary character in the series.

As you can imagine, if we had planned on revealing the situations as new as they are breathtaking for Un si grand Soleil, it’s not without risks to you!

In fact, you might be totally disappointed to see that some scenes will unfortunately change completely due to a decision made by an actor that could have changed everything.

Imagine if the hospital eliminated the number of actors who are no longer working! In the case that interests us, we thought of an assassination because it allowed us to re-shuffle the cards and bring great feelings to those who are attracted to it.

Unfortunately, it turns out that this decision has already been made, and nothing can be clearly reversed. As far as we can say it right away, we clearly know that for the Un si grand solil series, which we can see in France 2 since June 20, it will be able to change everything overnight. We imagine fans will be very disappointed to learn of this completely incoherent news according to them!

Decision making is completely incompatible with the chain…

If we can believe that this decision was clearly and carefully considered, then it turns out that on social networks enough Internet users complained about a situation that seemed to them completely incoherent, even if it seemed that it could have been decided and the scriptwriters of the series also . In fact, it turns out that we were able to figure out that a new character in the series was going to completely disappear!

It challenges us, because we think about how our artistic choices affect photography

It was in particular during an interview with Télé Loisirs that Olivier Zolzinger, the screenwriter of the still-popular series, was able to pull it all off. Contrary to all expectations, it turned out that this part of this iconic character of the series, which has not yet been revealed at this point, can change everything.

In fact, while we imagine that everything will be able to do the best for the rest of the characters in this series, we imagine that it will happen just the opposite …

Terrifying situation for the book!

For all the writers of this series, we can say very clearly that the challenge is uphill! Autant le dire tout de suite, on sait très clairement que certains ne vont pas du tout arriver Ă  leurs fins, avec notamment certaines situations assez folles que l’on a pu dĂ©couvrir une fois de plus dans Ă  les colonnesit de ce journal like others…

When we learned that this character had to leave quickly at the request of her translator, we had to rethink the scheme

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