Emmys panel Stranger Things: Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink explain how 'everything just got more' in season 4

Emmys panel Stranger Things: Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink explain how ‘everything just got more’ in season 4

It can also be the chain that allows the broadcaster to continue his winning streak in Emmy Awards For best drama series, the winning movie “The Crown” since 2021 is no longer available this year. LA Times Television critic Lauren Ali recently moderated a panel discussion at the 2022 Emmys featuring series writers Matt Dover and Ross Dover, along with actors Natalia Dyer, Bria Ferguson, Brett Gilman, Maya Hawke, Charlie Heaton, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink. . Watch the Q&A video above.

Dover brothers who wrote and directed nearly half of the epic story” Weird things So far who are also executive producers, talked at length about the various changes they made to Season 4. In terms of character and plot development, Ross said they relied on the natural “dramatic turnaround” that occurred as many of the heroes entered high school, while Matt added that the new storylines combine “supernatural shock” [avec] High school trauma.

Regarding their decision to lengthen episodes of the current season by an average of 33 minutes compared to previous episodes, the brothers first thanked Netflix for allowing them the creative freedom to do so, and then explained how that extra length helps increase the show’s scenery. As Ross says, their consistent goal is to “make sure people really care about these characters” before placing them in “unusual circumstances.” Matt agrees: “For an hour of non-stop work [dans leur émission]We don’t fall asleep because we are invested in everyone’s destiny.”

When asked to briefly describe this season, Gilman “It’s all about more,” replied (who plays the newly promoted regular character Murray Bowman), then added that he was “proud to be a part of something…that carries a lot of risk.” General Xer also praised Duffers’ writing, saying that the story, set in the mid-1980s, “reflected what he witnessed growing up and it was part of his imagination of becoming an actor.” »

Mrs. FergusonAt just 15 years old, the youngest member of the cast admitted she loved the feeling of “living in the ’80s” and feeling “very comfortable” in period fashion. About her character, Erica Sinclair, said, “I think it’s great to see her go out on her own” and said that “the fact that she realizes that she’s obsessive is amazing and inspiring to many young girls who watch the series.”

dyerWho has played the role of Nancy Wheeler since the first episode, said that she considers this season “more brutal and scary” than the previous one and that Dover He remained adept at “writing according to each person’s strengths”. Then I opened up about the uncertainty I felt over six years ago when, although a second season hasn’t been approved yet, the cast and crew all thought ” [la série] It was special from the start. »

Heaton (Dyer’s current partner who also plays the love of his character, Jonathan Byers), agreed that they felt they were “in connection with something a little special” early on and said he had appreciated the consistent clarity of Duffers’ creative vision over the years. Before discussing how his character has recently been able to branch out and find a way back to his roots, he questioned how the actors, audience, and show had grown, noting that “it all seems more mature.

Director Office, who played Max Mayfield for three seasons, admitted he was a fan of the show before joining the cast, after he “watched [la saison 1] in one day. After describing these new episodes as “weak… intrusive… [et] Heartbreaking, “Duffers praised” for showing all kinds of strength that [leurs] It may have female characters. She also praised the inclusion of Vecna, this year’s supernatural villain, saying that “the existence of a villain is feeding on [traumatismes] It was cool,” because it prevented the plot from faltering.

hook Who debuted as Robin Buckley in Season 3, said that “the two brothers have a special talent when it comes to it [mettre en scène] Is drawn “and they carefully seek” to expose talent [de chaque acteur] in the best possible way.” She also credited the show’s “amazing and talented” fashion team, who are always on hand to change or replace uncomfortable outfits.

When asked about the evolution of her character’s romantic identity, Will Byers, Schnapp said over the course of four seasons, “He’s in adolescence where he still doesn’t know… who he is and what [les Duffers] Show very well. While fans are hoping for an answer in the form of an upcoming scene like Buckley’s scene in Season 3, the actor said there’s “no sign yet of a… [Byers] Because… he’s still growing and finding himself. »

Most critical feedback on this season (which ends on July 1) has focused on whether or not the long episode runtimes are worth it, and most have made a choice. As Jack Sale (The Guardian) said, the series is “bigger, bigger, a little sad – and still great”. Kristen Baldwin (Entertainment Weekly) asserts that “the pathological expansion of myths [donne] For the new season… a wave of blissful energy,” while Sophie Butcher (Empire) wrote that things “took to a new level with an extra cinematic touch.” Confirming that the show was coming to a close, Matt Dover spoke on behalf of himself and his brother saying, “It has All the actors have inspired us and are trying to do great things for them, so hopefully we can do that for Season 5.”


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