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Tom is afraid in front of Tayseer | Charlene wants her diploma at all costs – here it all starts on June 20, 2022 (Episode 425)

Find out the detailed synopsis here all pre-starting Season 2 with Episode 425 airing on Monday, June 20, 2022 on TF1. Axl and his parents are always complicated. Amber is fired, but Tom has an idea to bring all the students back.

ITC Oprah’s full recap for episode from 06/20/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Teyssier threatens Tom at work

Find the full summary ofHere It All Begins Episode 425 Broadcast on TF1 on Monday 20 June 2022 (See summaries in advance This is where it all starts ): Summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 06/17/2022 Connected.

Tom edits Teyssier’s video… Charlene tries to find out what’s going on but Tom manages to escape.
Charlene told Lewis that she saw Tom & Co. who were in a video. She wants to know more so that her father will be grateful to her. Louis will help Charlene recover the video… Charlene wants her father to let her take the test.

Clotilde and Rose invite third-year students to evaluate the project. Clotilde is very critical of Anais and Salome. She believes that the teacher can only guide them, but it is up to them to have a specific project.

Accel ITC

Does Axl make his parents proud?

Axel tells Salome that things went wrong with her father. She advises him to make her taste one of her dishes.

Louis sends an email to Tom, the goal is to open the attachment… There is an invisible spy program that allows him to take control of Tom’s computer.
Lewis reassembles Tom on the facilitator.

Jasmine asks Salome to give her her secret so that he trusts Axel a lot. Salome tells Jasmine that she had an idea for Axel to get close to her father.

Clotilde is where it all begins

Clotilde also money with students

Charlene comes to see her father to negotiate: she wants to take exams and in return offers him to edit the video for Emmanuel. Teyssier says he’ll take care of this: He confronts Tom and warns him if he posts the video. Tom gets scared and deletes the video himself.

Here It All Begins In Advance Episode 425 June 20 2022: Salome Wants To Help Axel, But She Trusts Jasmine

Anais and Salome trust Rose, they do not want to enroll in the Masters … If they are judged by Clotilde, they will not be able to continue with recent projects.
Rose tells Clotilde that her methods are counterproductive… She needs empathy for the students.

Teyssier and Charlene Here It All Begins

Charlene wants her father to break up and let her graduate

Yasemin calls Axel’s parents and brings them to the institute. Jasmine invites them to come and watch Axel cooking in the studio. It’s time for a tasting, and the parents are elated… they find Axel’s creativity very good. Philip is always on guard, and he reminds Axel that if he misses the competition… he becomes a construction worker again.

Diva is where it all starts

Diva is disappointed that Tom is backing down

Solomon and Diva try to find out why Tom deleted Teyssier’s video. Tom says he changed his mind because Teyssier could blacklist them everywhere.

Facilitator tells Charlene that she can’t graduate. Charlene is ready to do anything to get this trophy, and Tessier reminds that she is not his daughter for nothing.

Louis ITC

Louis the new hacker of the institute

Everything starts from 20 June 2022: What to remember

Facilitating reputationBenjamin Baruch) Saved, Tom fell back
Charlene wants to pass her degree
Jasmine helps Axel reconcile with his parents
Clotilde and Rose clash for the master

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