Elvis Presley Had A Twin Brother He Never Talked About... He's Hiding A Heavy And Shocking Secret That Feeds All Theories

Elvis Presley Had A Twin Brother He Never Talked About… He’s Hiding A Heavy And Shocking Secret That Feeds All Theories

The film shows the life of Elvis Presley on screen Elvis Directed by Baz Luhrmann. The King comes back to life as Austin Butler.
Countless Elvis Presley lookalikes. However, only one being could truly resemble him, and that was Jesse Garon Presley, his twin brother. We are on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, a city located in the state of Mississippi in the United States. Vernon Elvis Presley, Elvis’ father, was a modest two-room home. Here Gladys Love Smith gives birth to her children. 35 minutes before Elvis was born, she gave birth to a stillborn baby. The King’s identical twin, the late infant is Jesse Garon Presley. Gladys and Vernon Presley destroyed Jesse the next day. Fathers come from the working class and are extremely poor, and young fathers cannot afford a burial or coffin for their children. Thus, Jesse Presley was placed in a shoebox and buried in an unmarked grave at Pressville Cemetery in Tupelo.

After such a painful birth, Gladys Presley is unable to have any more children. After that, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee where Elvis Presley grew up as the only son. If he does not know his twin brother, he is deeply affected by this loss and suffers from his absence. This strengthens the relationships that he establishes with his parents, with whom he is very close. He grew up feeling deeply lonely and bearing the guilt of his brother’s death. Some report that as soon as night falls, Elvis is talking with his late twin in his bedroom.

Elvis Presley finds fulfillment in music. Gladys Presley gives him his first guitar for his eleventh birthday. Parents cannot pay for music lessons. The king learned to play and sing by ear from local musicians.

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Peter Goralnik, author of a two-volume biography on Elvis Presley, lists elements relating to this tragedy in The Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley. Gladys Presley is particularly captivating: ” When a twin dies, the surviving person gets the full power of both “.Vernon Presley was very religious and felt that God wanted Elvis to be their only child.” The only child we’ll need ».

Not surprisingly, many theories circulate about this twin brother. In the testimony, Jesse Presley’s death will be recorded as January 7, 1935, not January 8, 1935. For some fans, this error was voluntary and would have been detailed to conceal the truth. According to them, Jesse could have lived to adulthood. Elvis Presley was going to make his own twin. Thus, Jesse Presley had his place shown in various events. These conspiracy theorists are based in particular on a video interview with the singer dated February 1970. Their arguments? In these shots, his facial expressions look different and his eyes look brown, not blue. This nuance is the natural color of her eyes.

To this day, Jesse Presley remains in this unmarked grave in the Tupelo City Cemetery. His remains were not transferred to meditation garden within the property GracelandHere is where Elvis Presley and their father, mother and grandmother Minnie Mae Presley are buried. A memorial tombstone has only been placed on this property which Elvis acquired in 1957. It is a large piece of land located in Memphis where a colonial style mansion was built. The palace and this small cemetery surrounded by greenery are real places of pilgrimage for the masses.

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