Yellowstone Season 5: The release date has finally been revealed by Paramount Network to mark the return of the Salto series

Yellowstone Season 5: The release date has finally been revealed by Paramount Network to mark the return of the Salto series

This American TV series is made by Taylor Sheridan and others John Leeson It is broadcast on American TV Paramount Network Ago 20 June 2018. As for the French, it wasn’t until April 23, 2021 that we were able to get to Yellowstone and broadcast it since on the Salto. On July 24, 2018, Paramount Network announced that a second season was planned for the series. It airs on June 19, 2019 and contains one more episode than the previous one with 10 episodes. On the same day, the channel announced that Yellowstone He will have the right to a third season, a year after this season 3 appears and the announcement of the fourth season as well.
This fourth season is the last to air at the moment and it was revealed on November 7, 2021. These last three seasons have 10 episodes.
On February 3, 2022, Paramount Network recognizedSeason 5 in preparationPhotography must be done in May 2022. Unlike other seasons, it will contain 14 episodes and its release date has already been revealed (skip to the end of this article).
There is no picture available yet for this season 5, so here’s the trailer for season 4 to give you some pictures in mind.

We must save the family farm

Yellowstone It tells the story of a Montana family that owns the largest farm in the United States. The Dutton They live next door to Yellowstone Park and will suffer threats and manipulation from politicians and real estate developers who want their land back at any cost. led John DuttonThe family will lead a real battle to preserve their environment and prevent the neighboring Indian reservation from consuming their lands.

Season 1 sets the scene for the situation between the Duttons and Indian reserve. We see many intertwined stories involving the Dutton family in tales of money, death, and well-kept secrets.
The second season is part of the same continuity and the previous stories find a sequel in this new season. Yellowstone has its share of secrets and drama.
New enemies will appear and the rivalry between the Duttons and beck will intensify until a fighting be necessary.
Season 3 shows us how the Duttons got used to their new lives. The cast changes a bit and a new person will come to work on a farm Yellowstone.

modern cowboy

The fourth season of Yellowstone It is the last broadcast at the moment. This season puts the Dutton family in a state of defeat, John will undergo Assassination attempt He will have to ensure the defense of his farm while many of his sons decide to leave.
This season marks a real break from previous seasons, it offers a real new breath to a series that is starting to turn in circles.
Fans did not fail to express their enthusiasm for this particularly successful season.
I hope the next season will be appreciated by the spectators!

Season 5 is coming soon!

As announced by the American channel Paramount NetworkSeason 5 will be filmed in May 2022 at The Farm President Joseph In Darby, Montana. Another part of filming will take place in Park City, Utah, as in previous seasons.

We’ll find the usual cast with Kevin Costner Like John Dutton, patriarch of the Dutton family. John’s kids: Casey, Pete, and Jimmy reincarnate the three in a row Luke GrimesAnd the Kelly Riley and others Wes Bentley. We will also find Cole Hauser Then the performance of Rip Wheeler Kelsey Aspel As the very beautiful Monica Dutton, married to Casey.

Season 5 will appear on our screens on November 13, 2022 As announced by the official Yellowstone Instagram account.

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