In 2022, S-Crew is going in circles

In 2022, S-Crew is going in circles

gathered in SZR 2001, the four members of S-Crew still had the same values, but they no longer had the same effect. Cut and flat pieces coexist in a frustrating, sometimes hollow album.

It is the story of four children, about ten years old, who enjoy imitating the letter “S” with their fingers. Gathered on the banks of the Seine, Micra, Framal, Nykvu, and 2zer, they then made ambitious plans for a career that would span two decades. after, after his zoo In 2013 then Associated Fates In 2016, S-Crew activated the device to go back in time to 2001, at the gates of Seine Zoo records. But the promise of the flame of longing has overshadowed so much, and as we witness the contradictory paths of its various members, SZR 2001 Struggling to renew the Parisian identity that was the group’s strength. The result is a lopsided album, with a few surprising paintings diluted into a very indecisive mass.

SZR 2001nostalgia for two speeds

It all started well, though. Upgrade functional SZR 2001Silent but stunning, renewed noise dating back six years. Because since then Associated FatesAnd the raucous round that followed, the S-Crew crew scattered. It is clear that the Nekfeu wagon, which already had a long lead in 2016, has again widened the gap. But above all, the shy productivity of his three followers didn’t really portend the group’s comeback. 2zer just made the news a bit, without forcing it. Mekra and Framal, content themselves with rare singles. Despite everything, faithful to its history, S-Crew traveled the capital to imagine a nostalgic trailer SZR 2001. Then, the music video for “22” made a mature, committed, and inclusive comeback. carried by top line Competent and Nekfeu as chief, the song continued the story started by the humor, revolving around a car accident. Finally, none of that is in SZR 2001.

Perhaps we were expecting the narrative, the nostalgia, and the Parisian flair: wrong. Sixteen tracks long, the project takes the form of a disjointed assembly where a few rare bursts dangle over an overly generic block. But above all, the album is hollow. The wonderful “now” and certain phases of shuffle and dodge hide a project that doesn’t tell us much. S-Crew enumerates in the episode his values, solidarity, and fraternity, sometimes pushed rudely, as in redundant “Fight Club,” citing the over-exploitation rules of the film of the same name in a chorus of severe lack of inspiration. In their texts, the members salivate the same story, as it is also heard, it becomes very flat. To listen to them, there’s been nothing new under the sun since 2016. But even without hiding the universe, S-Crew had enough to include new issues, connected to their new life at 30.

six years ago, Associated Fates He manages to balance Parisian everyday life, the temptations of escape, a relationship with women, and the pride of a group of defiant friends. SZR 2001 It begins with snippets of topics, often replaced by very tender verses. More than that, it is a failure of the overall cohesion of the project, despite the careful work of conductor Hughes. And here again, this new composition suffers from comparison with its predecessor, which faithfully captured the core of the capital’s arteries. SZR 2001 It has the merit of striving to explore something else: the project begins with the production of a sad drill with the highly successful “N’oublie pas”. But the remaining attempts do not go beyond: the club atmosphere in “Chez nous” is a bit molded, and the sunny version of “Encore” is not really original. The S-Crew team has finally succeeded in what they already know how to do: attendance on “Drap sur les opps”, evident fidelity at “Maintien”, product splitting as a team on “Don Zoo”.

S-Crew, precision and balance

In 2016, S-Crew already relied heavily on Nekfeu to motivate their business: the artist started most songs and dominated worldwide verses distribution. The notoriety gap has widened dramatically, SZR 2001 She exposes herself to interesting risks. And in this small game, “22” was somewhat reassuring, with four hit shows in their style. Unfortunately, the album does not have the same accuracy. Nekfeu is very overwhelming and commands 80% of choirs, according to data collected by Rapminers. Finally, it almost has the authority, throughout the project, to decide whether a title will be good or not, by the quality of its performance. and author wandering stars He is often brilliant, sometimes he has his weaknesses, which his friends find very difficult to fill. However, when Nekfeu leaves slack in the choirs, they also let their friends shine: Mekra is amazing in “Now”, 2zer is very effective in “Lack of sleep.”

Indeed, in general, all the choirs are good, and there is no shortage of the binder in particular. But the main pitfall lies in the individual shortcomings. Except for Nekfeu’s huge poetry on “Don’t Forget” and some hit titles, “Now,” “Drap sur les opps,” “Bad in the Background,” and “Don Zoo,” nobody really stands out. The quartet even steals the show: Even in a gust of wind, Alpha Wann is making a stormtrooper, and PLK has released its most beautiful hits to honor its hosts. For the rest, the performance is correct at best, disappointing at worst. If nothing is distinctly disastrous, many tracks lack comfort, in bottom and form, for an album that claims to conclude a trilogy begun by two coherent, cohesive tracks.

And so, as the final part of the project seems to suggest, S-Crew has completed a beautiful chapter of French rap, though with some erasure in the last pages. Obviously, the album would justify a tour, allowing its members to meet on stage with their fans. Some of the titles will likely find a new breath there, as it is carved out for the audience. Then you will challenge the paths of the members. Mekra, Framal and 2zer did not show themselves enough on the project to demand a significant increase in their fan bases. For Nkfu, once digested, it would be very hard to hope SZR 2001 Indefinitely contains the patience of his fans who have been waiting since 2019 for a successor wandering stars.

Listen SZR 2001 You are the crew of S.

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