Punk icon Iggy Pop presents some of his facts in intimate documentary 'Tell Me Iggy'

Punk icon Iggy Pop presents some of his facts in intimate documentary ‘Tell Me Iggy’

Who is Iggy Pop really? After being considered the most dangerous and self-destructive singer in rock and roll,The godfather of punk“Acquired the status of sage of late. Everyone loves Iguana today, even advertising, which is to say. However, at age 75, Iggy Pop remains a free spirit who has maintained his ability to wonder. That’s what the documentary showcases.” tell me iggy From the French Sophie Blondie, broadcast on Canal + until August.

The director who previously played Iggy in a novel, Today’s star (2012), with Dennis Lavante and Beatrice Dahl, is clearly a fan of the artist, which she describes as “magic“and others”supernatural“.I hope he will share this documentary with us.”a bit of a mysteryI went to collect the secrets of the person in question, at his home in Miami, with Antoine de Cayons, with whom he gave a lengthy interview.

In his new sunny retirement, the 75-year-old godfather of punk appears to be in great shape. The excesses are far away now: In Miami, he lives a healthy life. But he remains unique: topless under his perfect clothes, his smiling hair in the wind at the wheel of his Rolls-Royce convertible, he drives barefoot. On the edge of the sea, an element that calms him, the artist savors a taste of calm that contrasts with the noise and fury of his concerts, which are always lively and populous. “I wanted a space, a light, to get away from every group of people. Here, leave me alone‘, he explains, very zen.

And to present some great facts with laughing eyes but in earnest. “Integrity is good, but you have to maintain it.”, notes the singer who can boast that he made only rare concessions in his life. “To get there in this job, you have to live things. You can’t just sit in your room writing a convincing description of what it’s like to live life to the fullest. You have to go out and live this damn sick life!“.

Iggy Pop on stage with his band, Stooges, in the heart of the crowd at the Cincinnati Pop Festival (Ohio, USA) on June 13, 1970. (TOM COPI / MICHAEL OCHS ARCHIVES)

Nick Kent, pen of the English rock critic he met 50 years ago, asserts in the film: “It was going 100%. There was no Plan B with this guy, he lived without a safety net, and recklessly threw himself into everything he did.“Who sees it as”One of the greatest theater monsters of the 20th century, with James Brown, Mick Jagger and Prince‘I still like him today’creative force. He’s not just doing what he was doing 40 years ago. Always inhabited by a creative impulse“.

Sophie Blondie interviewed others close to the rock legend for this documentary, such as her French producer Alain Lahana, who described Iggy as “superior intelligence“we take”Save the soul of his child‘, director John Waters, who offered him his first big screen role in Cry dear (1980), as well as musicians who rubbed shoulders with him such as Debbie Harry of Blondie and trumpeter Leron Thomas, who co-wrote his last album free (2019).

Johnny Depp, who played his first role at the age of 17 with one of his first sets, compares him to actor Marlon Brando. “In 1969, I scared everyone”He remembers. “He’s just like Marlon Brando (…) when he played on stage A tram called Désir In 1957. No one had ever seen such brutality. It was unpredictable. And Eiji has never done anything so predictable. “

When we examine the life of the punk icon, it is impossible not to mention the character of David Bowie, whose idol was Iggy Pop (with Lou Reed), and who resumed his career in the late 1970s. Their friendship was born according to him between “A shrewd but quiet Englishman and a chiseled but also quiet AmericanHe maintains that by standing up to Bowie, refusing to give in to him in everything, he has allowed their complicity to continue.If I had acted like the others, he would have gotten tired of me quickly.“He thinks. In return, Eiji thinks he helped his friend.”To keep your feet on the ground technically. It may have brought it closer to the street than it could have been.. “

Although he splendidly survived a life of excess, which is also discussed in this film, and is still animated by beautiful vital energy, the issue of the Grim Reaper is not evaded in this documentary. It seems that the immortal rocker is not afraid of death. And he does not care what he will leave for future generations.

The problem with life is that it has to stop. I think I’d like to become a ghost contemplating the world‘ laughs the old sage. We will long remember the end of the film, with his very beautiful shots on the beach, rolling gently in the sand and foaming waves, like seaweed, at the same time fragile and strong, in his element, ready to welcome his final voyage when he comes.

“Iggy Tell Me” by Sophie Blondie, a 52-minute documentary, to watch on Canal + until August 16, 2022

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